He is back 😒

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That is what Blake looks like ^^^^^^^
Lauren PoV

It has been an hour since we all found out and to say am shock would be an understatement. We are all sitting in silence staring at one another. All we can hear is the kids in the background laugh and having fun. Suddenly my phone stops the awkward silence. It is Dinah , what does she what now? I stand up and grab my phone , I look at them all and then Khole nods to say it is fine take the call.

Hey lo

Hi DJ , listen is a bad time

You aren't going to like this

What !!

Brad is back in town and he says he wants to she his daughter

WHAT!! WAIT, How do you know that!?

Ally told me , I am sorry girl , listen I will call you later gtg

Okay , thanks for telling me , bye

I walk back into the room after I hang up. Because I was crying I quickly wipe them.Kris is talking to Kim quietly and the other girls look at me in confusion.

Me- hey ..

Kendall- why were you shouting?

Kylie- you sounded annoyed but also scared at the same time?

Me- it was nothing, just some stuff from my past I gotta deal with.

Khole- you know , you can tell us we are family now

Me- I don't feel comfortable telling you the whole just of it , but basically Blake's dad has came back he wants custody of her but he can't. He has even seen her like once after she was born.

Kourtney- did he try and see her?

Me- no , I don't think so , even if he tried I wouldn't let him near at all

They look at me in confusion again but the stares all stop as we hear crying. That is Blake's cry , shit! I run to room where the kids where playing to see Blake crying on the floor with all the other kids had a worried look

Me- baby , what happened?

Blake- we .. was climbing the rocky wally and I fellllll

North- is she going to be okay

Kim- ye she just a graze knee and cut on her chin

Me- let's get u cleaned up okay? Where the bathroom?

Kris- down the hall and take a left

Me- thanks

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