Safe And Sound?- Chapter 3

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Jeff's P.O.V.

"I'm Jeff the Killer, darling. And I have three words for you..." I said as I leaned right by (Y/N)'s ear, whispering three words, just like I promised. "Go... To... Sleep..."

I smiled deviously as I saw her slip away from consciousness. This was fun. "J-Jeff!" A voice growled.

"You just had to come and ruin my party, huh Lover Boy?" I growled as I came face to face with Ticci Toby. And he was ticked.

(Eh? get it? Ticked?)

Ticci Toby's POV

It was a cold January 10th night and I was stalking- I mean... watching (Y/N). 'She is so... Amazing... and hot!' I thought. A split second after I realize what I just thought, I blushed to a dark red. It's late at night and I saw (Y/N) stop. I then realize she's not alone. I duck behind a pair of bushes so she doesn't see me. (Y/N) runs to her house as her friend, (M/F/N), runs to his house. (Y/N) and (M/F/N) didn't live far apart... they were only about 3 blocks away from each other.

Call me a perv, but I have been, watching, (Y/N) for a while now, and I had grew a major crush on her. I just loved how her (H/L), (H/C) locks flowed in the breeze.

(If you have short hair in sorry if I talk like you have long hair...)

I followed (Y/N) to her house to see HIM there. I reddened up with madness. I told Jeff to stay away from her.
Hi sorry guys for the SUPER SHORT chapter I will make it up! I'm really busy so I'll be back :3 ASAP and PLZ understand 3:

P.s. This is me from the future (not kidding I'm reading over my book) and the chappies do get longer in like the second to third book! (Yes there is a third book)


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