CheaterCheaterBestfriendEater ~Chapter 6~

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There were about 3 more hours until the party started. Stacy was so excited. As she was trying on the dress once again, she remembered that she had no shoes to go with the dress. She had completely forgotten that she didn't own any nice shoes.

Stacy took off the dress and changed back into her casual clothes. She quickly got in her car and drove to Aldo. Aldo was a shoe store that had the cheapest nice shoes. She walked in and started looking for shoes that would match her dress. She found a pair that would go perfectly. They were all black, had a 6 inch heel, and were open toed.  Stacy looked at the price. The shoes cost $200.00 but luckily they were on clearance and were 60% off.

Stacy walked up to the cashier.

 "Hello, how did you find your shopping experience at Aldo today?" asked the cashier.

 "It was fine. The prices are great here."

 "Yeah, they sure are. Your shoes are about $400.00 at anywhere else other than here."

 "Oh really? Guess I came to the right place than!"

Stacy was happy with herself when she heard how great of a deal she got.

Stacy paid and raced back home with only an hour and a half until the party. When she got home she went to the bathroom and put on her makeup. She put on a bit of foundation, some eyeliner around her eyes, a thin coat of mascara, and a brownish gold eye shadow.

Then she went to go put on her dress for the 4th time today. She then went back into the bathroom and did her hair. She straightened her long, light brown hair, and then curled it on the front sides. Stacy looked stunning.

20 minutes until the party starts. Stacy put on her new shoes, and got into her car. She drove to Tiffany's house. There were about 7 cars parked on the street and 3 in the driveway. Stacy parked on the street about 3 houses down.

DING DONG. Stacy rang the doorbell. She could already hear the music blasting from the basement. Tiffany opened the door.

 "HEYY, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!" Tiffany said surprised, even though she went shopping with her.

"Oh my gosh, I love your shoes honey!"

 Tiffany looked like she was going to take them off my feet and run.  

"How many people are here so far?" Stacy asked Tiffany.

 "Only about 35".


 "Yeah I invited about 50 people." 

 Stacy was shocked that Tiffany invited so many people to a house party, especially because her house can't even fit the capacity of 50 people.

 "Do you want anything to drink?" Tiffany asked as they were walking to the kitchen.

"Yeah sure."

 As Stacy said those words she saw the most gorgeous man she had ever seen in her whole entire 22 years of living. He had short brownish hair, blue eyes, and was muscular. He was holding a glass of Campari.

"Here you go" Tiffany handed Stacy a glass of Bailey's.

 "Who's he?" Stacy asked.

 "Oh, that's Ryan. Why, you like the view eh?" Tiffany looked at Stacy with a grin.

 "Well, he's alright..."

 "Are you crazy?"

"Okay okay, he's the best damn thing I've ever seen" Stacy confessed, referring to an Avril Lavigne song.

 "Why don't you go say hi?"

 "Because guys like that don't talk to girls like me."

 "What do you mean girls like you?" 

 "Girls who are unemployed, poor, and live in a shitbox." Stacy signed

 "Oh well." Stacy continued.

Stacy and Tiffany went to the basement and started dancing. Stacy's favourite song was playing, Bottoms Up by Trey Songz. About 10 songs later, Stacy was done dancing. She danced her little heart out for the night...Or until she was drunk enough.

Stacy went to go get another drink. As she was walking up the stairs, Ryan bumped into her shoulder.

 "Oh sorry, I didn't see you" Ryan apologized, waiting for Stacy to respond.

 "No no, it's alright, I should've been watching where I was going."

 Stacy was shocked someone like THAT would even say a word to her.

 "Have we met before?" Ryan asked.

 "Um no, I don't think so, I mean, I don't know, Maybe, I wouldn't be the one to remember." Stacy was nervous, and it showed.

 "Oh, alright cool. Want a drink?" Ryan asked.

 Did Stacy even have to answer? Of course she would accept a drink from someone as attractive as him, even if it wasn't his party and technically it would be rude to serve people drinks.

Ryan and Stacy walked up the stairs together. Ryan opened the freezer and pulled out 3 bottles.

 "K so, pick your poison. Bailey's, Campari, or Grey Goose?"

 "Bailey's please."

 As Ryan was pouring her a glass, Stacy's phone rang.

"Hello?" answered Stacy.

"Yes hello Miss. Masterson. This is Mr. Rolland from the Toronto Star. We tried reaching your home phone but we got no answer so we tried you mobile phone."

"Oh, sorry about that."

 "No need to apologize, I called to tell you that you got a job as an interviewer."

"I might have poured a little too much, so you can blame me if you get a hangover tomorrow." Ryan said.

 "Thanks, one second, this is important." Stacy said to Ryan.

"Who was that?" Mr Rolland asked.

 "Oh, well, I'm at this party and well there's this guy and..."

 Before Stacy could finish Mr. Rolland said "Just make sure you're able to come to work FOCUSED tomorrow, because that's when you start."

 "Thank you so much, sir!"

 "You're welcome, I'll see you tomorrow at work, Bye".

 "Buh Bye".

Stacy raced downstairs to tell Tiffany the good news.



"Guess what!!"

 "I dunno, what?!"

 "I GOT THE JOB!!" Stacy was so excited.

 "Oh my god!! That's awesome!!" Tiffany hugged Stacy.

 While Stacy and Tiffany were still hugging, Ryan came down the stairs and said "Sorry if I'm interrupting any lesbian action, if I am, half the guys here are going to beat the shit out of me for ruining it, the other half will thank me because they're gay."

"Ha ha, very funny" Tiffany said to Ryan.

 "Oh Tiffany, I got to go. I start tomorrow."

"Aw man, okay, drive safely." Stacy and Tiffany hugged one last time.

 Stacy walked in front of Ryan and said "Bye, I'll talk to you...whenever we meet again."

 "Oh wait, here's my number, call me when you get a chance."

 "Oh, I will."

Stacy walked up the stairs, got her coat, and walked 3 houses down to get to her car. She drove home, and went to sleep.


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