18: A storm that came

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(Aayat and Mahir's looks above)
A/N: brace yourselves 😉


Spraying the strong cologne on his body, Mahir buttoned up the plain white shirt to pair up with his classis black jeans. He set his hair with a gel and than wore the digital wrist watch, looking at the time for the umpteenth time.

Mahir Razaaq.

The person who hadn't even slept the whole night partly because of the assignment work and the main reason being his excitement to finally confessing Aayat everything about what , How and why he did everything. And what was the reason behind it. He was going to confess his feelings to her. He was going to tell what she had done to her. The puffiness of his eyes fading away in front of the large smirk on his face.

He threw the files of assignments inside the bag and zipped it up. He took his wallet and than the mobile and kept both in the pocket of his jeans. Carrying the bag he closed the room door behind and than descended down the stairs humming a song.

Still humming he reached in the dinning area where his parents and his siblings, Farhan And kinza were sitting. Not realising there presence, he went and set on his usual place. He poured the orange juice in his glass. The sound of fluttering of news paper brought him back from his lala land as he embarrassedly raised his head up.

There he found his Abba looking at him from above the newspaper while his Ammi was chewing ever so slowly while looking at him. Kinza's eyes were as big as saucer as it wasn't everyday you found Mahir humming at the breakfast table. He moved his gaze to his younger brother Farhan who was not shocked but smirking mischievously at him as he took a bite from his sandwich.

He gulped down and mumbled a "good morning". And got a reply from all as they tried not to laugh.

"In happy mood today, Bhai?" Farhan asked naughtily as he earned a glare from Mahir.

He heard her mother chuckle and let a smile break into his own face.

Before anyone else , he finished his breakfast and than got up to leave, with his bag on his shoulder as he gave a peck on her mother's cheek.

Saying Allah Hafiz, Mahir stepped out the house, towards his destination.


The sound of alarm stopped as Aayat reluctantly sat up on the bed. Her hair a mess, as she looked at the time with half opened eyes. She was going to be late today. She stood up fastly and than went towards her closet to pick up a pair of clothes.

She took a light lime green which looked almost white coloured kurti (top) with printed design on it. The full sleeves had the dark turquoise coloured design on it. With a same line green coloured leggings, she rushed towards the bathroom to take a shower.

After half an hour, she had returned from shower and now was done with blow drying her hair. Throwing the hair back into a messy bun she wrapped the dark turquoise coloured hijab on her head. It was then that she recalled,

Today she had to meet with Mahir.

As much as she didn't wanted to meet him , at the same time something was pushing her to go. It was as if he genuinely had something to tell. Something that she didn't knew.
But the only question on her mind was why did he wanted to talk with her on the vacant floor of uni. Whatever the reason may be, she was only going to get answers from him.

           Shrugging the thoughts off her mind, she applied some mascara on her eyelashes after sunscreen. Applying the lip balm, she was done. She made sure she had everything in her bag and than rushed out of room. Once again, the scolding of her Ammi could be heard in distant as she skipped doing breakfast and went to the car instead that was standing at the gate.

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