Chapter 31

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"Concentrate! Don't think of it as a foreign entity but as part of you!"

Imogen stood in front of the aggravated wolf, a look of irritation painted on her face. Leanna growled, her eyes glowing as she concentrated for the hundredth time, her eyes focused on the tree in front of her. She tried to imagine a wave of fire swallowing it whole and little by little, the trunk began to let out puffs of smoke.

"Finally! Now focus your energy and set it on fire!"

This went on until Leanna's nose was dripping with blood and her vision wavered. Against the witch' demands, Leanna called it a day and cleaned herself up, heading back to the pack house.

"Hi Luna!"

She gave the woman a nod and a smile and continued on her path home. The house came into view a few minutes later and she let out a breath of relief. Pups were running around, squealing and playing in the summer sun. They waved at her eagerly, laughing and enjoying their time.

The earlier irritation disappeared as she walked into the house.

"Hey, Lea!" 

She turned at the sound of the Sophie's voice and she gave the girl a smile.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Not much. I was helping cook food."

Leanna frowned a bit, "Soph, you know you don't have to feel obligated anymore."

"I know, I know. But Maya doesn't really cook very well and she's burning all the food," Sophie explained and the Luna let out a growl.

Shortly after becoming Luna, Leanna approached Phoenix about removing the Omega status. He was hesitant but understood where she was coming from and after several days of talking, they finally came to a decision. Those who had been branded Omega for unnecessary reasons; either born to Omega parents or orphaned, would no longer carry the title. Those who wronged the pack in extreme ways would be Omegas until their sentence was finished.

The new Omegas were Jack, Olivia, and Maya. Jack's sentence was 5 years. Olivia's, for attacking the Luna and another fellow pack member, got 15 years. Lastly, Maya, for disrespecting the Alpha and Luna, killing two guards in the dungeons, and attempting to escape got 40 years, along with a collar embedded with silver.

So far, Olivia and Jack were docile but not Maya. She was adamant on pissing everyone off, especially Leanna.

When she entered the kitchen, she was hit with the smell of burning food. She coughed, waving away the smoke as Maya fanned the slowly.

"Sorry," she shrugged, uncaring.

Leanna growled softly, the irritation coming back in full force. She threw open the windows and the doors, letting the smoke fan out. 

"What the hell happened in here?" Jagger strolled in, his face scrunched up.

"The Omega happened," Megan, one of the wolves, snapped and Maya growled at her.

"I won't think twice about fucking you up!" Maya snapped, standing up straight.

Megan let out a scoff, "I'd like to see you try, bitch!"

"Down girl," Jagger pointed his finger at Maya, shaking his head. "Be nice or you won't get a treat."

Maya's eyes flashed, "Try me, pale face!"

Jagger gave her an offended look. "Well, that's just rude."

"Stop!" Leanna's voice boomed and the three stopped bickering, though Jagger was smiling unashamedly. 

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