I Kissed a Mummy and Got a Prince

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Note from Mercy: Hey guys and a happy new year to all of you. I hope this year brings you all happiness, great times and hopefully you all stick to your new years resalution (mine is to get my first book published and upload more for you all). So, here's a little treat for you all. It's an idea I got quite recently and I thought I'd better let you guys decide if I'm going crazy or bursting with good ideas.

So enjoy!

Chapter One

I alway's was a bit of a dare devil and I guess that was why I agreed to do what I did that day, the event that completely changed my life forever...

My friends and I had somehow found our way into the next town's Museum of Hectic History and before we even entered the place and paid the small entry free of £5, we were up to no good and mucking around taking crazy pictures and stalking a bunch of cute boys out on a school trip. They must have been from another country because not only did they have nice tans but when Sarah shouted she would marry one of them there was no reply, not even a glance, which put the glamour model in the making in one of her legendary moods. That was until Cassidy suggested that we play the kings of all games. Dares.

"Okay then" I grinned and I looked around the room before looking back at Cassidy and Sarah. Already I had a few good dares in mind for my friends. "Cassidy, I dare you to go over to that group of boys and try to sell Sarah to them as a slave."

Sarah quaked in her high heeled boots and opened her pouty lips to spew out some excuse but Cassidy wasn't about to turn down a dare. She grabbed Sarah and marched over to the group of boys hovering around the Robert Burns exibit and began to offer Sarah to them. I watched them try to speak their language and laughed when Cassidy thrust Sarah's hand into one of the boy's hands and demanded money for her. Sadly for Sarah none of the boys were willing to buy her and they ended up being rushed away from my crazy friends by their teacher.

"You'll pay for that, Mercy" Sarah swore to me. That same scowl remained on her face until I treated her to an ice cream at a small store. "I'm going to come up with a dare that will have you begging on your knees to get out of."

"I thought it was pretty fun" Cassidy chirped merrily. "I almost made a little extra cash too."

"I'm worth way more than £10 Cassidy!" Sarah wailed unhappily. I couldn't help but laugh at the two of them. I guess that's why I hung around with Cassidy and Sarah, because they were as crazy as me.

"Anyway, it's my turn to dare!" Cassidy declared. "So follow me and prepare to meet your maker" she chuckled darkly and she began to clip clop down the hall with a serious swagger. Sarah and I followed her, afraid of what we'd got ourselves into.

When she stopped suddenly and hit us with a wide grin, Sarah and I shared an uneasy glance at eachother, gulping as a glint of pure evil sparked a fire in Cassidy's pale green eyes. "Sarah" she began, letting me breathe again. "I dare you to...walk in to the men's toilets and shake everybodies hand inside."

"Eeekkk! There is no way I'm touching their hands right after they've peed!" Sarah screamed a little too loudly.

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