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It itched. It itched really bad. Win sorely wanted to run his nails over the spot but was afraid to dislodge the wig holding in place. 

All Wine had to do was apply the extension hair as natural as possible, making his already soft-shaped face look softer and feminine. For make-up, His sister merely added light foundation and lip gloss, a definite improvement than when Nanon took over the make-up case and proceeded to paint over Win's face in loud and garish colours that would even give a drag queen a scare. His sister was adamant in keeping his looks natural, ignoring at whatever suggestions Chimon and Nanon made regarding Win's disguise.

Of course, much to Win's embarrassment, he had to wear a bra which has been stuffed with tissue and go through the excruciating process of shaving which Wine assured him would only hurt the first few times. Win had winced at the sting that was still there before telling the girl with a scowl that as soon as Operation Get-Nanon-the-Girl-Of-His-Dreams (as dubbed by Chimon) was over, he won't be shaving any more hairs from his skin in the near future. he doesn't need to feel any more less masculine than he already felt.

At least his white cotton shirt doesn't have any lace, Win thought, remembering the first one Nanon and Chimon told him to try out earlier on. The ribboned and lacey top looked more like a dress than a shirt which nearly covered his short pants and when he looked in the full-length mirror, he was shocked at the sweet image he presented. With a blush, he turned towards his two friends who were weeping at how cute he looked, before tearing the garment off in a fit of anger. Even Wine looked disappointed to see it off and Win sputtered when he heard her mumble about wishing that she had a camera in hand.

"Win, listen up," Wine spoke up, lifting a finger to emphasise her point, "Looking like a girl doesn't make you a girl. You have to act, sound and think like a girl. Luckily you being a girl, you can keep your gender hidden in the toilets but for the communal showers, stay out until everyone is gone but use the towel to cover yourself up in case someone walks in unexpectedly when you're using them. Now, let me see you walk."

Win, like Nanon and Chimon, whose mind went in an awed daze at the thought of communal showers, quickly stood up, face in forced seriousness to cover up the heat on his face. "Ok"

The running-back began walking across the room, trying to imitate how he thought girls would walk. He took a glance at Wine, finding a hint at how he was doing and saw the serious look Wine gave as she stared hard at his body.

"You're too stiff!" the girl barked, "Relax your shoulders! Sway your hips! Your steps should be closer together!"

"Ughh! Okay!" Win sulking, but succeeded only in looking more stiff and panicky in his haste to please.

"Stop, stop," Wine groaned, "You're only making it worse. Ok, let's forget about the walk for the moment and start on the voice. Try sounding ... girly."

Win fidgeted, before clearing his throat. "Ahemm... Ummm... ummm... hello, my name is Wine Win..." he tested with a falsetto voice.

Wine's eyebrows furrowed. "Hmmm.. softer."

"Hello," Win tried again, in a much softer voice.

"Un." Wine nodded, pleased, "you sound perfect!"

Nanon and Chimon cheered, while Win bowed at his friends in abashed pride.

"Ok! Operation Win-Becomes-A-Girl is set!" Wine announced

"YAYYYYYYY!" Nanon and Chimon cheered.

Win was about to jump in joy with the rest of them when what Wine said just struck him. "HEHHHHH?! Why has the name changed?!"

To be continued.

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