Dramatis Personae

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There are a great many male secondary characters in this novel, many of which appear only once. This is to give the feeling that Cloud Hill is rather densely populated with veterans. The reader is not meant to keep track of all of the named characters!

There are, however, a few who do reoccur and are important to the story. Below is a list to serve as a memory jog. 

Brooks -- the only male servant left at Cloud Hill, works as general repairman

Sykes -- Scotsman, is the unofficial leader of the men at Cloud Hill 

Pritchard -- office manger of the Hutch and the only Hutch man not in a wheelchair, stutterer

McCrory -- Australian, tasked to look after James.

Cullen -- wheelchair brigade, works in the Hutch and later for Mr Stevenson

Fitzroy -- wheelchair brigade, works in the Hutch

Rhys-Jones -- wheelchair brigade, works in the Hutch

Morris -- salesman for the Hutch, missing half his left arm. 

Montgomery -- burn victim, assists Carter in the the Cloud Hill forests

Daniels -- the cook

Carter -- the gamekeeper and forester at Cloud Hill, a local man, not a veteran

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