Chapter 7!!

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A loud chocking sound woke me up from my sleep, I snapped my eyes open to see my mysterious kidnapper! Oh sizer I forget I had been kidnapped!!

" who the hell are you and what do you want with me??" I questioned him!

" well that's no way to treat your savior now is it?" he said

Annoyed I looked for an exit sneekily, trying no to show that I was. Which I admit is kinda hard!...

" oh and I'm zak, and your coming on a little holiday with me to keep me company!" he said as if it was normal!

" no I'm fuckin not" I shouted back as I found an exit ! Joy enclosed my mind as I daintily made my way passed zak and towards the gritty gray door.

Just as I was about to turn aroud and shout sucker and the run far far away from the phyco, he forsefully grabbed my arm and swung me round to face him! Frozen lips chrased down on mine as he clasped my waist in him perfect hands! I done the same as him, except round his neck in stead of round his waist. Are lips moved perfectly together as he pushed me agaist one of the walls, forcing me to put my legs around his waist!! He pulled back, with both of us breathing heavily together!

His soft voice broke the silence" do you know who I am? "He asked while I shooke my head vigerously no " well do you remember every day when you were little a boy you called ze came round who was a year older than you?" my eyes widened in surprise!

My childhood bestfriend ze!!

" oh my god" I whispered slowly!

Suddenly are make out session continued with us both kissing each other passionly!!


Xxx so zak is her best friend from when she was younger ohhh soo tell me wat u think about that, my sister -who I'm not gonna tell you her name cause it's awesome and I'm using it in my story later -came up with the idea!! Lol soo I thank her!! Vomment plz , tell me it to over The top and wat u want to read more of!! Oh yea and she got moved by zak into the room!! Just thourgt I'd let u know!! Commen vote and fann peeps love ya alll even if u hate me!!!Xxx

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