Chapter 18: Cato

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Clove sits in the corner of the Training room, a knife poised to strike. She's breathing hard, and I know not to try to comfort her. She's strong enough, she'll get over it. I look over to Peeta, trying to glare at him. He did this to her. He sent her over the edge, well, even more than she was. 

"Just let her be" I warn them, continuing to throw my spears. They nod, looking concerned and return to training. Finnick continues to tie his knot, untie it and retie it. It's his obsession. Peeta just works out, far away from Clove. He probably has the most energy to use. He hates Katniss now, and he needs to learn, slowly, that she's not bad. I watch Clove, she's stood up and is pacing around the knife throwing station, almost impatiently. 

Why would Coin even bring her in here, in her condition. She shouldn't be trying to rush Clove's progress. That was messed up on her part.

"You want to fight?" I ask, squaring up, jokingly. Peeta shrugs and grabs two sword from the sword station. He passes me one, they're foam and we start. Even Clove watches us as we circle each other carefully. From what I've observed, he like to make the first strike, which would usually lead to getting tired quicker. But for him, it doesn't affect him that much. I make the first lunge, careful not to exert too much energy. I have good stamina, but not nearly as much as him.

He lunges at me, reaching from the back of my knee. I jump quickly and push him away, using the tip of my sword against his throat. He smirks and charges, I parry him at the last second and push him to the ground. His sword clatters, well thumps, to the ground and he surrenders. That was surprisingly easy.

"You two, Finnick and Clove" Coin says, entering quietly. I didn't even hear those large metal doors open. I look over to Clove and she rushes to hide behind the door. I walk up to Coin, not daring to try to comfort Clove any more. We walk up to her and she starts to talk.

"You two" she gestures to Clove then me, "Are to go to District 2 and crack the nut. We will explain that later". I nod but Clove looks like she might break, still holding her knife. I walk over to her, not trying to talk to her. I just lean on the walk opposite her. 

"Peeta and Finnick" she starts, ignoring Clove's anxiety attack in the corner, "You will be picked up soon, you have important stuff to do" she walks back to me, grabbing Clove lightly on the shoulder. Clove screams, thrashing away from her and standing straighter. 

"Do you really think this is a good idea?" I whisper to Coin as Clove follows us, slowly. She ignores me, no surprise and we continue walking to her office. I sit at the meeting table, far away from Clove and she makes sure to stay far away from me.

"You two" Heavensbee says enthusiastically. I nod and Clove flinches, loud sounds must have traumatized her too. "You know of the nut, yes?" he asks. I shake my head, wondering how long I've been in "prison".

"The heart of District 2? Big mountain guarded by hoards of Peace-Keepers" he suggests, trying to jog our memories. I glance at Clove and she looks like she might know, but she's just too afraid. She finally speaks up, well just whispers, 'center rock'. I nod and smile gratefully.

"You will head out later, maybe even today and go undercover either in or around the Nut. We are released, just like that and Clove walks quickly to her room. I follow her, keeping the creepy out of my step and watch her, making sure she gets to her room alright.

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