apatnapu't siyam

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baby ?
where are you ?
i'm outside the gates where are you
it's been twenty minutes
are you okay ?
wonwoo ?
hyung come on

mingyu sighed as he tucked his phone into the back pocket of his jeans. where could wonwoo possibly be? and what was the scene he witnessed earlier? why the hell was minjae even near wonwoo, let alone even hugging him.

when he looked over at the open doors of the school, he saw soonyoung storming towards him, the angriest look on his face he has ever seen. mingyu ran towards him, "soonyoung! do you know where wonwoo is-?"

"stay away from wonwoo!" soonyoung said, interrupting mingyu, so close and so tempted to slap mingyu right across the face. "i hope you're happy with what you've done." he bitterly spat at mingyu, confusing mingyu as of course, he didn't know what was going on.

"what the hell are you talking about? what's going on? where is wonwoo?" mingyu kept asking persistently, but soonyoung was so blinded by rage that he didn't even listen to mingyu's questions.

soonyoung used a finger to push against mingyu's chest harshly, spitting out, "i knew it, deep down. bad boys like you were never trustworthy. wonwoo should've listened to me." soonyoung started walking away, leaving mingyu in a cloud of confusion. but before he could leave, mingyu grabbed onto soonyoung's arm, turning him to face him.

"what are you saying? i literally don't know what i did wrong." mingyu protested, his confusion so pure.

"you should know." soonyoung said, yanking is arm back.

"i really don't."

soonyoung sighed, starting to explain. "people say there's a recording going around, which is you talking to minghao about how you wanted to just play with wonwoo."

mingyu's face morphed into shock, remembering exactly when that conversation took place. he was more shocked that someone recorded it in the first place. when he said that, he didn't actually mean it, he was just joking around. but out of context it really makes mingyu seem like he's in the wrong.

"i'm right, aren't i?" soonyoung scoffed. "stay away from wonwoo, alright? or we're really going to have problems."

"i never meant what i said, i was just joking around! please, just let me see wonwoo so i can explain everything." mingyu pleaded, desperate to prove his innocence and that he never had ill intentions.

but soonyoung shook his head. "i don't think wonwoo is in the right state of mind for that. junhui says he's been crying since minjae told him."

"minjae told him?! that's fucking it, i'm breaking his face for real. i don't care."

wonwoo please
answer me
let me explain everything
i know it sounds bad
but i'm innocent i swear !

mingyu please
my head's a mess rn
i just

just what ?

i need some space
just for a few days

are you okay ?

i'm fine
i just want some space for a while
i just need some time to think

i wish you the best for now

i'm sorry|
i just need time|
i love you|

please believe me|
i didn't mean what i said|
i love you|

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