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author's MUST-READ note

❏  features two male leads, but not a ManxMan story

❏  heavy, platonic, angst-y bromance

❏  if you liked shows/movies with heavy focus on brotps like TVD, The Originals, Supernatural, Star Trek, I Remember You, School 2013, etc - then this book is for you (:

❏  characters smoke; but it is not romanticised

❏  it will be nice if you can keep in mind that I don't work for the FBI and so am not 100% knowledgeable about their operations

❏  also, a gentle reminder that is still fiction at the end of the day; so despite my ways of keeping it as realistic as possible, things can still happen for the sake of the story (though not completely bizarre ones)

❏  just -- just please try not to piss me off in the comments section -- that's it. that's all this note is really for, guys xD

❏  also, GUYSGUYSGUYS IM SO EXCITED TO WRITE THE HECK OUT OF THIS BECAUSE STRONG BROTPS ARE MY SHIT! like, I know dabbled with the whole thing when it came to Dale/Nick, Wyatt/Asa & sort of with Hunter/Asa even. But im SO excited to have it as the main focus of a book!!


Special Agent Jed Navarro knows how to get the job done, every single trick in the FBI handbook ingrained into his mind & soul. The world, in his eyes, is black and white. There's a bold line he's drawn between the side of law and the life of crime.

A line that's been finely measured and sharpened at all its edges — until Soren Hayes.


Soren Hayes knows the streets like his own name, every single escape route and survival tactic cemented in his flesh & bones. The taste of gunpowder and sight of blood is all he's known, and he's long since learnt to see the shades of grey the world is painted in. There might be no definite line between black and white, but he's carved one down the space between his family and those who threaten their safety.

A line that's been engraved into concrete and solidified with loyalty — until Jed Navarro.





[after I've completed uploading the epilogue of TDDUP on here.]

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