Chapter 7

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Reaping Day. The one day I have been dreading for weeks. Neither of us slept last night, because the nightmares would have been even more terrifying than usual. On reaping day you are supposed to wear your best clothes, it's called a 'celebration'. Peeta and I decided that we wouldn't give the Capitol the satisfaction of us wearing our best clothes to this 'celebration'. Even though the gesture is only tiny, I want to make every act of rebellion that is possible.

It's a hot day so can't cover my bump with a big coat and a jumper, so I compromise with one of Peeta's baggy t-shirts.

I feel too sick to eat anything. Even Peetas attempts at getting some food into my system have failed. I can't help but think, 'I will never sleep in our bed again' or 'this is the last time Peeta and I will have breakfast together in our home'. I'm torturing myself, I know. But I can't think of anything else to do.

"Are you sure you don't want anything, Katniss? You really need to eat." Peeta asks for the fifth time in the last twenty minutes.

I shake my head. "I can't."

"It'll be okay, Katniss. I promise." He says.

I can't bring myself to answer him because I know, and he knows, that it won't be okay.

"What do you want to do? The reaping isn't until two o'clock." He asks me.

"Don't think there is anything we can do, just wait." I say, because it is absolutely impossible to function today.

Peeta holds me in his arms as we lay on our couch, watching the seconds go by for two o'clock. Every second I feel more sick, it's torture.

"I won't let you go through the games again." Peeta says.

"Peeta, I am the only female victor from District Twelve. As much as you might want to change it, you can't. You and I both know that." I tell him stroking his face.

"I can't do it Katniss. I can't watch you go through that again. It's even worse that you're carrying our child. I would go through the games a hundred times to keep you two safe, Katniss."

There isn't a response to that. Nothing I say will match that, so I kiss him. The feeling I get is so incredible, no matter how hard I try, there will be no words to describe it. All of the sorrow, death and fear that has gone on in both of our lives disappears, if only for a minute. It is Peeta and I, nobody else. Just us.

We break away and I rest my forehead against his. "I love you, Katniss."

"I love you too."


Haymitch, Peeta and I walk up to the Justice Building where Effie Trinket is waiting for us. Waiting to send us to our death. The whole of District Twelve is silent, you can hear each others heartbeats. Effie stands in the middle of two glass bowls, the female bowl that has one slip inside and the male bowl which has two slips inside. I take my position next to the female glass bowl and look out at the whole of District twelve. Prim, my mother and Gale all stand at the front. Prim is staring at me intensely but I can't bring my self to look her in the eye; whereas, Gale won't look at me at all.

I look over at Peeta and find him staring at me. I smile weakly but it's hopeless. The whole District is silent when Effie speaks into the microphone. She welcomes everyone but it is obvious she doesn't like what is happening. Effie Trinket, who can make any bad situation seem good, is showing weakness.

All too soon she is walking over to the female glass bowl. Pointless really, everyone knows it is me. Before she reaches inside the bowl she looks up at me as a tear rolls down her cheek. She reaches in and pulls out the only slip there.

"Katniss Mellark." She says so weakly it's almost a whisper.

She walks over to the male glass bowl and pulls out one of the slips. She walks back over to the microphone and says, "Haymitch Abernathy."

Before anyone has time to say anything Peeta has already volunteered.

The whole of the district has their eyes fixated on us.

"The tributes of the 75th Hunger Games from District Twelve, Katniss and Peeta Mellark."


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