Chapter 6 - Midsummers

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I left JJ to deliver John B's note to Sarah. Apparently John B gave him some "special plan" before he got here and it's time sensitive or whatever. I want so badly to comfort him, but I know it would just make him feel worse. My mind can't stop turning and my hands are still shaking. JJ's done some bad things, but nobody deserves that from their fucking dad. I feel sick.

He walks into the the party, scolding another worker. "I keep finding glasses halfway down the beach. Do me a favor: try to keep 'em corralled, will ya? I thought you were security!" I see Pope follow him and I stop staring like a worried girlfriend. At least Pope will balance out his impulsiveness.

Kiara walks over to me, looking equally sick. "How are people so materialistic that they enjoy this shit?" She scoffs. I shrug unenthusiastically. "You good?" Her brows furrow.

"Yeah, fine."

She doesn't push it and we bitch about the Kooks for a few more minutes before I see Topper and his friends glaring in JJ's direction. I look to Kiara, fear clouding my eyes, and she assures me that he can handle himself. "He's a cockroach. Nothing can shake him."

I try not to think about his dad. "Yeah."

"So, how'd that talk go?" She smirks, and I shove her away.

"Stop acting like something happened. We were drunk. I probably thought he was the Prince of England or something." I laugh and act nonchalant.

"Have you seen the Prince of England, though? He's way overrated."

"Not my point, Ki." I send her an annoyed look. "We're good. It was just a dumb, drunk mistake."

"Were those your words or his?"

I roll my eyes and walk away. I can't deal with this middle school bullshit anymore. We have stuff to do and her nosiness won't help anything. Ooh, is that champagne?

Only five minutes later, I hear shouting from inside the clubhouse. Fuck. I spin around looking for JJ, but I don't see him anywhere in the crowd. My heart stops and suddenly I can't breathe.

I run towards the stairs just as a security guard drags him out of the door. "L-look man I can walk myself!" He laughs like a douche. I can tell Topper's friends got to him by the way his suit is roughed up. "I got legs, can you see them brotha?"

I run past Kiara, staring at the scene in shock.

"-I see you got your drink, good... I'm actually gonna down that." He takes the bourbon in front of the man and drinks it in one big gulp. Oh, JJ.

The guard pushes him forward as he continues shouting praise for the security guard. "Let's hear it for the men in uniform!" I keep pushing through the crowd.

Kiara pipes up. "Let go of him! You can't just boot him-" Her family shushes her and she goes quiet. I run in front of the security guard.

"Sorry about him!" I smile like an angel and take JJ from the security guard. "It's been a long day and he's had a little too much to drink." I pull him away and the guard doesn't let go. I look into his eyes and hold on tighter to JJ's arm. "I'll take him home, sir."

Unfortunately for the guard, he doesn't let go. I nod to JJ, and his eyes light up with adrenaline.

JJ shoves him away and yells to the Pogues. "Mandatory pow-wow at Rixon's! Rixon's Cove, let's roll!" I follow him out and can't help but smile at the way he's handling this. He really puts the "ass" in "sass". 

"Workers of the world unite!" He makes the symbol with his arms and I drag him away laughing. John B salutes JJ and Kiara and Pope are close behind us. Their families are pissed, but we're all smiling. 

Pope's adrenaline is short lived when he starts prodding us to talk. 

"Okay, okay." John B relents. "The gold never went down with the Royal Merchant." I look to JJ and he smiles back at me. "It's on the island."

No fucking way. 

I'll be honest, I didn't listen to anything after that. They rambled out a plan, Kiara was getting pissy about Sarah Cameron or whatever, and I was just looking at JJ. Once they start arguing about "John B and Sarah macking" (I genuinely don't give a shit), I send JJ a look and walk back to the van. 

Yeah, my mind is somewhere else now. 

I open the door and sit in the back as JJ peeks his head in. I nod my head for him to climb in.

"Listen, I'm not gonna talk about my fucking Dad-"

I interrupt him by crashing my lips with his. It doesn't take much time for him to start kissing back. 

"That's not why I want you here." I whisper against his lips.

He growls and climbs on top of me. My back is now against the floor of the RV and his body presses between my legs. I think he gets it, now. One hand holds the back of my neck firmly and the other is hooking my thigh over his hips. 

This feels... really good.

His lips move down to my neck and his tongue teases the soft skin. I dig my nails into his back when his hips grind against me. We're still fully clothed and I'm on the edge of a fucking orgasm.

"JJ..." I moan as his tongue trails lower. I arch my back and he pulls the zipper roughly down the back of my dress. My skin is cold from the night air, but burning with desire. 

"I've wanted to do this for so long, Babygirl..." He nips just above my collarbone and I whine. My dress is slowly pulled down to my navel, wet lips trailing the newly exposed skin. 

"Please," I beg and tug his soft, salt textured hair. My voice is deep and raspy.

"Yes ma'am..." he growls against my navel, sending shivers through my body. 

I want him.

So fucking bad.

And then I hear Kiara bitching outside and shove his body off of me. "Shit, they're here," I whisper between my teeth. I pull my dress frantically back up to cover my lacy black bra. 

"Let's just lock them out..." His voice is rough and still horny as fuck. I flip him off and reach for my dress zipper. The voice gets closer. JJ pulls a blanket from the back of the van over his boner. "Motherfuckin' blue balls-" He starts cursing under his breath but I throw a bag in his face to shut him up.

Kiara pulls open the door and storms in, fuming at their conversation. I make room for her to sit between me and JJ (so he doesn't get any ideas), but she groans and sits to the left of me. "I can't fucking believe this. He FUCKING told her everything. She's gonna use us and he's gonna look like such an-"

"Calm down, Ki. I know you have... um... problems... with Sarah, but trust him."

She shoots me a deadly look.

"He's your best friend, dude. Besides me, of course." I wink, and she smiles a little bit.

Pope climbs in next. JJ, being the gentleman he is, scoots right next to me to make room for Pope on his other side. "Pope Francis, 'sup?" I try to diffuse the tension.

"Once John B is done with that map shit, we're going home. I'm done for the night."

We sit in silence. Well, as silent as we can be with JJ and Pope's constant bickering. I'm about to pull a beer from the cooler when Kiara pipes up.

"Did you guys hear that?"

I give her a look. "Hear what?"

"Nope," JJ says. Pope is about to shake his head, but then we hear it.

Sarah Cameron is screaming for help.

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