apatnapu't walo

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you know that recording i asked you to edit
send it to me now

is the plan finally going in motion?
it took you long enough

oh shut up
i'm doing you a favour
let's just stick to the deal and we can go our separate ways
just send me the damn recording

[voice recording attached]

pleasure doing business with you

just be quick and break wonwoo's heart with the recording and get mingyu out of the picture

a week passes, and there's only another week left until the winter dance, which was being held the exact same day as valentine's day. wonwoo was busy with his council members in organising the preparations for the dance, whilst mingyu was busy with part time jobs. so neither have been communicating to the other.

and that may be the cause of their downfall.

"please, listen to me, wonwoo." minjae said from behind him, trying to catch him through the empty hallway when wonwoo left the council meeting room.

"minjae, please stop. i'm so tired of listening to you and i don't want to hear anything you have to say. if you're just going to hit on me again, then just let me go." wonwoo stopped abruptly, a visible frown with a tired expression on his face.

with minjae hitting on wonwoo for two week, non-stop, of course wonwoo would grow tired. how could he not?

"look, i will stop with the constant flirting. but please, i need you to believe me, it's important." minjae kept pushing, needing to tell wonwoo something so eagerly.

"i find that extremely hard to, minjae. if you're trying to just come between me and mingyu, then you're still the same selfish, fucked up guy who broke my heart two years ago."

"you need to trust me, just this once. i know i fucked up and i did some shameful things in the past and i hurt you so badly-" wonwoo rolled his eyes, tired of minjae's pathetic rambling and victimizing.

minjae could see the tired look in wonwoo's eyes, and just got to the point. "i know you won't trust me, but believe me when i tell you this. mingyu is just playing with you!"

wonwoo scoffed, starting to turn away from minjae's desperate state. "i find that hard to believe, minjae. you're just saying this so you could break us apart-"

"i don't like him, i hate him."  the voiced line instantly made wonwoo stop mid-sentence, turning to look at minjae who had his phone out, playing what looks like a recording. he recognised the voice instantly, and it was mingyu's, and he could hear minghao and seokmin's voice in the background, too.

"what the-" wonwoo was about to protest, but minjae continued to play the recording.

"why do you do it?" he hears minghao speaks. the recording seemed to be a conversation between mingyu and minghao, maybe from a few weeks ago? but why did minjae even have a recording of their conversation in the first place? and most of all, who even recorded it?

"why do i do what?" mingyu speaks again.

"why do you like pissing him off so much?"

he hears mingyu chuckle, then say, "i guess i just like seeing wonwoo angry. it's pretty funny when he's trying to stay composed when i know he's angry. i want to push his buttons and see how far i can push him before he snaps."

wonwoo didn't understand why minjae was showing him this recording in the first place, nothing seemed out of the ordinary for mingyu. he guessed that this was taken before they had gotten close.

wonwoo was about to argue, but the last line before the recording ended really made his fragile heart break into pieces:

"i'm bored and i want to play. this place is a shithole, so why not play with wonwoo before i'm expelled."

there was silence, the recording ending and minjae lowered his phone. wonwoo's broken heart was pounding against his chest, his mind being filled with hateful thoughts and questions.

why? why did mingyu say this? why was mingyu doing all of this? if mingyu wanted to play with wonwoo, then why did he wear his heart on his sleeve? why did mingyu put so much effort into their dates? why?

"do you believe me, now? minjae asked, scooting closer to wonwoo. he saw wonwoo shaking slightly, barely able to make any words come out from his mouth or think straight. minjae approached him and wrapped his arms around wonwoo's slightly smaller figure.

wonwoo could feel the warmth of minjae's body, no other feeling than sadness and heartbreak was flowing through him at this moment. he didn't even care that minjae was hugging him at this point. his mind only thinking of the heartbreak he was going through once again.

what wonwoo didn't know is that mingyu rushed out of his classroom when he heard wonwoo and minjae's voices when they had walked past earlier. but when he spots wonwoo wrapped in minjae's arms, hugging in the middle of the hallway, his heart breaks.

is this what mingyu wanted?

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