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tony and i sat on the couch together, watching sherlock holmes. "you know, i would kill to play that guy. he's so cool." tony remarked. i pondered who it was that i knew who looked almost exactly like that.....doctor strange! i had met him a few years back at a hospital gala.

"kat? can you make something for dessert?" tony asked me with big eyes. he stuck out his bottom lip and pouted for a solid minute before i agreed. "sure.- but you have to help!" i added. "what?! i don't know how to make cookies! i can barely make coffee in a keurig without messing it up or making something explode!"

i chuckled at his antics and turned of the tv, grabbing his hand and leading him to the massive kitchen. "here, put this on." i told him, tossing him an apron. "i'm tony stark. i don't need an apron." he scoffed, not bothering to pick up the apron he failed to catch.

"fine. but when you get covered in flour, don't come crying to me." i used my powers to get all the ingredients from the cabinets and fridge while i scanned the recipe.

i cracked eggs into a cup and fished out the yolks. "here, put in a cup of flour and 3/4 cups of sugar then whisk 'em together." i handed him a bowl. "okay, i can do that." he told himself. he walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a glass. "what are you doing?" i asked. "duh,,, i'm getting a cup" he rolled his brown eyes in annoyance.

"no no sweetie, a measuring cup." i gently coaxed. "here." he blushed slightly at the new nickname as i handed him the glass cup. "fill the flour to the one cup line and pour it in the bowl, then pour the sugar to the 3/4 cup line and pour that in the bowl then mix them together." "ohhhhh. got it." he nodded.

setting the measuring cup on the counter and tipping the sugar bag ever so slightly, he took his sweet time in filling the glass. "you can tip it a little more, it'll be done faster." "shhhh it needs to be perfect..." his brows furrowed in concentration.

"perfect." he muttered under his breath as he poured the sugar into the mixing bowl. he carefully switched to the bag of flour and tipped it ever so slightly....

the door flung open and across the room and thor boomed, "i have returned my friends!" tony was so startled he jumped and then fell, spraying flour all over himself and the floor. thor and i burst out laughing, also hearing clint chuckle from inside the vents. "hey! not cool man!" tony yelled, his entire body covered in flour.

nat, steve, sam, bucky, and wanda came rushing in, alerted by the sound of the door cracking and being thrown. they dropped their defenses upon realizing that it was just thor. "hey man." "hey" sam and steve acknowledged.

"katherineeeeee!" tony whined with a dry cough, a white cloud puffing out. i chuckles at his antics and secretly grabbed an egg, pocketing it before walking over. crouching down to his level, i smiled lightly, pulling him up as he pulled me into a hug. i sneakily pulled the egg out of my pocket and smashed it on his back.

he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away, gasping in shock. i smirked before playfully running over to thor, steve, bucky, and nat to protect me. "oh it's on kitty kat" he growled before grabbing the egg carton from the counter, throwing it straight into sam's back.

sam and wanda sprinted into the kitchen, pelting chocolate chips at tony. "i too wish to join this game!" thor grinned, before running to the kitchen and dumping a bag of powdered sugar on himself and tony. i looked to bucky and nat, who grinned mischievously at each other before engaging their super secret spy mode.

they snuck into the kitchen as tony squeezed chocolate sauce on sam's head. opening the fridge, they grabbed ketchup and mustard, squirting them on thor and tony. clint clambered out of the vents and covered wanda in whipped cream. "come on stevie, let's get them with mayo." i grinned evilly. "kat, were adults." i raised an eyebrow at him and gestured to the superheroes making a mess in the kitchen.

"are you sure about that?" i asked him before pulling him into the kitchen and getting the mayo out of the fridge. "gimme your hand." i held out my palm. he warily placed his big, warm hand atop mine and i scooped mayo on it, he crinkled his nose in disgust. "okay go" i whispered.

we ran into the chaos, wiping mayo on everyone, i got a huge glob in bucky's hair and let me tell you, i have never seen anyone so disgusted. he stared me down with icy eyes, i held the glare easily. he moved and i ran out of the kitchen screaming, the dark haired assassin hot on my tail. he caught up and grabbed my waist, pulling me onto the floor and pinning me there. "never put mayo in my hair ever again." he growled lowly, leaning down to my ear.

i quirked an eyebrow in amusement as he sat up. "look, i'd love to say it won't ever happen again but that would probably be a lie." i shrugged. "can you get off me though? 200 pounds of pure muscle is a lot of weight on my torso." i groaned.

"sorry." he got off and pulled me up. "it's okay. sorry about this." i pulled him into a messy hug. he squirmed to try and get out of my grip. sadly for me, he succeeded.

he tore down a different hall, one that led to the garage and eventually outside. "i'm gonna catch you barnes" i teased. he lifted up his metal arm and flipped me off while leaping straight over a half flight of stairs.

i chuckled lightly and raced down the stairs, gaining up on him. he made it through the doors onto the patio and to one of the pools, but he disappeared. i slowed to a stop near the pool, my eyes looking everywhere for the soldier.

only seconds later, i felt two arms pick me up bridal style. he started to throw me into the pool but my brain worked quicker. pulling fistfuls of his shirt, i slammed my lips on his, distracting him. he lost his balance and we both fell in the pool.

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