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so here's marleen :P this one shot was requested so yay XD

haha I'm listening take me home atm and I just missed Liam's #askliam so it can be the case that there's more swearing than usual XD

I really like writing requests so if you have an idea message please :D we´ll choose the ones we like and if we have free time we´ll of course write the others as well


request: @MaiaLoves1D So, it would be like, they're in the band, but Niall is in love with zayn and he has a secret, and the secret is he is like a cat hybrid? I dunno but like the boys say they're going out but Niall's not in the mood so he stays home and then, Louis forgets his phone so they come back and they walk in and see Niall with his tail and ears out, and then he runs off to his room an slams the door, and zayn has been in love with niall since like, forever so he follows, and he tells Niall that no matter what, he'll always love him and they kiss and lot of fluff, smut if you wish ;) dunno, this has been floating around in my head and I never thought of writin it, and you girls are amazing, so yeah :) hope you like it and write it :) - Maia

yeah about the smut. I'm fourteen and I haven't even kissed anyone yet so I'm not really gonna do 'that' scene. I'll look how far I'll make it before my innocent mind will stop me :P


ENJOY! - marleen


Niall's POV

My tail has been bugging me all day. I'm currently sitting on the couch and it's not working very well. I"ve been tossing and turning for the past 10 minutes, but my tail wouldn't budge. Maybe it's because of Zayn... He's looking all hot and sexy in the tight white shirt he's wearing. I always get 'sensitive' when he's around and looking like that. Yeah, I"m in love with Zayn. Who wouldn't be in love with him? He's like perfect!

Oh, and just in case you haven't catched up yet. I'm a cat hybrid.

It's my secret and nobody can ever know of it. I've been this way as long as I can remember. My parents never told me I was different till the point where I went to school. They told me to behave 'normal' instead of behaving like a freak. Yes, my own parents called me a freak.

At that moment I was pretty upset about it, but now I've just learned to deal with it. I'm a freak. A weird pale boy which is partly cat. I've learned that nobody will ever accept me, let alone that anyone would ever love me.

I'm a mistake of nature.

When I'm around people, I can reduce my ears, so people won't notice their actually cat ears. It's really annoying and it hurts, but yeah than again, I deserve the pain. But atleast my ears are something I can somewhat control. My tail is a whole different story. It's always there, squeezed into my jeans.

It's very unconfortable and sometimes I sit down on it; that hurts like absolute hell. I'm always busy trying to fix my clothes or my hair, making it impossible for the society to see what I actually am.

"We're going out Niall. You wanna come as well?" Liam asked me, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Nah, I''m not in the mood. I'll just stay here." I replied. If I wouldn't join them I could have some hours being myself. Nobody would be around and I could just be me. "You sure?" Zayn asked concerned. He looked at me, searching for what was wrong with me. Ha, if he knew what actually was wrong with me he would never look at me again. Hell, he problably would want me out of the band.