Zayn Malik Sweet Imagine

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~So guys this is my first imagine, tell me what you think about it!~

You woke up early this morning. You rolled over to the other side of your bed where he used to sleep. Where your boyfriend,Zayn Malik used to sleep. But he is on tour now, and he has been on tour for four months now, four painful months. You got out of bed and opened the blinds

so that the sun could shine on you.

And you were thinking "how can the sun possible shine without Zayn Malik." You started daydream about him when the sound of your mobile phone buzzing, made you jump.

You watched the screen and realized it was Zayn!

"Hi Zayn!" You almost screamed.

"Hi baby" He chuckled. "How's my favourite girl?"

"I miss you Zaaaaayn" You said and chuckled.

"I miss you to baby" he said.

"Can you be at the park in two hours?" He asked you.

"But Zayn you are on tour, why shall I go there if you are not going to be there anyway?" You asked confused.

"I have a suprise for you"

"Okay. I'll be there!" You said exited.

"Haha, okay. Bye, I love you"

"Bye Zayn, I love you too."

And with that you jumped into the shower. When you were done you wrapped a towel around your body and went to fix your hair and make-up. Then you went to pick out your outfit; A write dress with black flowers on and a pair of black heels.

When you were done you grabbed your phone and your keys.

You walked for about 15minutes before you came to the park. And there he stood, the love of your life.

"ZAYN!" You screamed and ran into his arms.

"Y/N, I have missed you so much" He said and took your face in his hands,

and kissed your lips passionated.

"How.. Why are.. I mean you are supposed to be on tour" You stammered.

"The management gave us free this week, and it's your birthday tomorrow,I wouldn't miss it for all the money in the world" He said stroking your cheek.

The only thing you could do was smiling in response.

As you two walked home hand in hand you were talking about how much you had missed him.

When you came home the clock was

7pm and you and Zayn decided to cook some food.

When you had finished the dinner you watched your favourite movie "The lord of the rings"

When you were getting ready for bed and were washing you make-up off, Zayn came sneaking up behind you putting his hands around you waist. "You don't need that to look gorgeous" He said kissing your cheek. "I love you Zayn" You said turning around kissing him. "And I love you sweetheart" He said.

When you laid in bed he put his arms around your waist placing his chin in the crook of your neck. "Goodnight Beautiful sleep tight"

"Goodnight Zayn, now that you are here I will." You said and felt as the luckiest person in the world.

~So this is my first imagine. What do u think?

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