Dna results

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Kris POV
Corey and I are currently in the kitchen having our lunch. I told him about the situation and he has been very supportive. The girls our coming round soon , and when we get the results I will call Lauren so we can open them together. I am so nervous , like i know she is my daughter it is just , I don't know how she will react to the news.

We have just finish our lunch as Kim , kourtney and khole came through the door with there kids . So after Kendall and Kylie came in with stormi.

Kim- so have you heard anything yet

Me- no not yet

As soon as i said that my phone rang , they said the dna results have came back and they will be here in an hour , so i call Lauren

Lauren PoV
Mani and i talked about what happened last night , we talked for hours until she had to leave for work. So now it is just me and Blake cuddled up on the couch watch peppy pig. My phone begin buzzing so i answer it quietly.

Kris- hi , the dna test results are coming in an hour

Me- oh okay , but i have no one to look after my daughter

Kris- bring her too , all of the other children are here

Me - okay , be there soon

I picked up Blake and we got into the car  and arrived at the house about 45 minutes later. I pressed the bell with Blake sleeping in my arms. Kim I think answered the door

Me- hi..

Kim- hey , come in and who is this sleepy girl

Me- this is Blake

Kim - she is so cute , we are all in the kitchen

We walk into the kitchen, all eyes were on me and Blake . God I am so scared right now.
Kendall- hey , aww whose this cutie

Me - hi , umm this is Blake

Kourtney- does she wanna go play with the girls

Blake- mommy ? Can I please?

Me- okay baby, be nice

Blake- I will mommy , love you

Me -love you too

All the girls looked in aww and she ran away with north and the others

Kris - the results are here , do u wanna open it?

Me- umm ye

Dna results for Lauren Jauregui
Mother= Kris Jenner
Father= mike Jauregui
Half sisters = kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khole Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and    
                         Kylie Jenner
Half brother= rob Kardashian

Me- No fucking way!!!

Kris- what !?

Me- I a am yo your da daug daughter

Kris - I knew you were

I stand there in shock just crying , kris and Kylie are hugging Khole and Kim have shock on there face and Kendall and kourtney pull me into a hug. After I hug all my new sisters and then hug my new mom , wow that is crazy , I have a mom what!

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