Your creation

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You made me
I was your masterpiece
I was everything you wanted
Everything you didn't have
I fulfilled you
I was your art
I was never me
I was an extension of you
I was yours
You received compliments
Because of My Beauty
You ruined me
I became a tool
A tool that you used to look better
You didn't want me
You just preferred me
Preferred me to the silence
You knew without you i didn't exist
And that's why i always came back
You were everything
When you realized you can't keep me forever
You left
I was alone
You gave me life
And then you took it away
I had nothing
I lost myself trying to find you
I had no one else but you
Abandoned by my own creator
And after everything
I now know
I love you
I always did
What i didn't realise
Is that you can't be a creator
Without having created me
And now you too were no one
I was what made you special
So I just want you to know
That no matter how close we are
I'd kill you to save myself

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