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hey i'm samantha taylor valentine i'm 18

And this is my story.well i find out that one direction are my mates and that i'm their soul mate..

Samantha Pov

ok so i was at my friend jessica's place just chilling an stuff until her crush from school shows up at her place to hang out

She lie's to him saying that no one is at her place and that she is free then she ditches me and goes out to hang with him.

I left her house when she said " sorry sam you got to leave sedreck is here and he wants to hang out you can sneak through the back door ok? bye" i was so mad at her i just went running down this really dark street crying suddenly, if felt the presents of someone behind me i turn around shivering..i see this tall boy, He had curly hair and green/brown eyes.

"Hey" he said as he pushed me lightly against the wall i stared at him with fear. "please dont kill me i'm begging you, please" I said as he wraped his arm around my waist.

" what? You think i'm gonna kill you??" He said in a sad but surprised voice.

"Go of me! leave me alone.. let me go"! I yell."i cant leave you.. you're my mate your coming with me" he stated.

I got so scared i was shivering so much.

He moved the hair off my neck and bit me and started sucking my blood i soon felt  dizzy, i slowly drifted off into sleep..i'm guessing? And soon saw darkness..

[Harry's POV]

She was beautiful she had brunette hair with these cute dirty blond highlights her eyes were crystal blue with a twinkle to it she wore a pair of black jeans that were ripped and a grey sweatter with a kitten on it, she had a phone in her hand her hair was open and she had a beanie on and a hint of eyeliner.

She really is a piece of art..something you can stare at all day and not get bored..

I ran really fast towards the house with her in my arms, i pushed zayn and he droped his phone "hey dude cant you see where you're going"?! he yells, annoyed.

I put her on the bed and covered her with a soft blanket.

I ran back down stairs with a huge smile on my face. "hey guys guess what"? I was all exited, "what"? they all said toghter layzing on the sofa "i found our mate"! They all shot up with happiness.

"You did where is she is she pretty can i see her can i meet her"?! they all asked at the same time "yes yes yes and yes" i said answering all their questions.

"I'll go see if she's awake" zayn mumbels, walking past me.

[Zayn's POV]

I opened the door really quietly so that i wouldn't wake her up, i shut the door behind me and sat on the edge of the bed

She sturred and turned in her sleep until her eyes fluttered open. "hey" i said in a welcoming voice " who are you and where am i huh ar-ar-ar are you gonna kill me"?

She asked scared  "No..uh..i would never kill you, i'm your mate.. my name is zayn.. dont get scared of me i wont kill you"i smile trying to calm her down.

[Samantha's POV]

His eyes were pretty...i stared into them as he tried to calm me down, i could get lost in his eyes forever! he is so cute..

Oddly..a small smile makes it way on my face.

He returns it. God he probably thinks i'm crazy or something.

He stares at me as if he's waiting for me to say something.

"O-oh uh..Hi i'm samantha, but you can call me sam"i smile a little more. "okay..sam you wanna go meet the others"? He motions towards the door.

"Are they nice"? I asked, "yeah super..well niall can be a bit of a pain in the ass..but he's good". "So..lets go say hi" he offers his hand as he smiles, "okay.."  jump off the bed and walk down the stairs. As soon as i look up i see 4 pairs of eyes staring right at me. "HEY" they all said in exitment. "Zayn..uh? Would you mind..y'know" "oh right" he laughs a little, "They are your uh..mates? You could say..well one of us is..".. "I'm so confused right now..but okay" I look around

[Louis' POV]

"Hey~ i'm louis that's harry, that's niall and that's liam. Welcome to our humbil home that you will be staying in" i smile.

"Oh..nice to meet you guys" she smiles a little.

"Great now.. lets get some dinner and maybe watch a movie"? Liam suggests.

We all enter the kitchen and liam out of no where asks her a question.. "hey cutie pie what's your name"?

"Um..name's samantha..you can call me anything but cutie pie" sam says a little weirded out.

[Sam's POV]

We all take our dinner and sit on the sofa.

Niall puts on some cheesy romedy (romace-comedy) and everyone lets out a groan "ugh niall did you have to put this movie on? Its so...cheesy" i whine.

I finish dinner and stand up to put my plate in the kitchen.

I run to the kitchen and put my plate in the dish washer, then run back only to see  blankets and sleeping bags "wow you guys did all this so fast? i'm impressed".

I sat in between zayn and niall. while we were watching the movie my eyes started to drop. 'no sam..you can't sleep!'  I yell at myself to stay awake. Zayn put his arm around me and i freeze. God no.don't. You dare.fall.asleep.sam.

My head soon drops and i drift off to sleep.

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