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(YN) did not go for a headshot. Instead, she shot Janine's hand, anticubital space, and shoulder. This caused Janine to drop her gun and hold onto her arm, focusing on stopping the bleeding. (YN) shot Janine's other hand before lowering her sniper.

"Let's move," (YN) instructed to Tadashi. She was swapping her sniper rifle out for a pistol as she walked with Tadashi close behind her. "I have a few questions for our old friend."

"I think we both do, but I'll let you do the talking," Tadashi said. "You're better with a weapon than I am by a long shot and my droid's gone."

"I just wanna know why she wants us dead," (YN) said. "I should have expected her to come after Avery never returned to her."

Janine spotted them and went to run to them, but (YN) shot her in the knee twice which caused her to collapse. (YN) dragged Janine back behind the houses and held the gun to her forehead while grabbing onto Janine's hair.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Janine spat.

"What the hell is wrong with me? Are you kidding me right now?" (YN) laughed. "What are you trying to do, Janine?"

"I was lookin' for you," Janine said. "You're lucky you shot first."

"No, not lucky," (YN) corrected. "Just smart. So tell me, Janine, why do you and Avery want us dead so badly?"

"And why should I tell you anything?" Janine challenged.

"Because I got a gun to your head and I know you're smarter than that," (YN) said. "Better speak up, Janine."

On a normal day, the scene before him would have terrified Tadashi. But this was not a normal day; he knew the circumstances and he knew why (YN) was doing what she was doing. The lighthouse was so close that the light from the top reached the end of the neighborhood; they couldn't die here.

"Avery and I tried to go to the lighthouse before but it drove her mad," Janine said. She coughed heavily. "I reckon Avery thought what she was doing was right and just taking y'all out before the lighthouse would drive you nuts."

"And what about you, huh?" (YN) pressed. "What's your reason?"

"I loved that woman," Janine said, "and I took care of her. And you killed her," Janine said. "We were a lot like you and Tadashi. We met here, we fell in love here, and we tried to get out of her together. We never made it to the top and it would have killed Avery to leave here, so I stayed with her. But you did her in," Janine said.

If Avery hadn't tried to kill Tadashi and herself, (YN) would have felt sympathetic toward Janine. But she couldn't.

"She tried to kill us, Janine, and I'm sorry but I had no other choice," (YN) said. "She came in shooting like crazy. She chased us. I did what I had to do."

"And what about me, huh?" Janine asked. "You gonna do what you gotta do and kill me, too? Well go ahead. Shoot. Do it."

(YN) stood there for a moment, clenching Janine's hair and holding the gun to her head. She pressed it in a little closer to Janine's forehead. Tadashi braced himself for the startling gunshot, but it did not come from (YN).

"No," (YN) said. "You're not going anywhere. Look at you." She pulled the gun away from Janine's head and turned to step away.

But they turned again as they heard the sound of Janine being silenced and a trigger being pulled. A woman with olive skin and dark curly hair dropped Janine's bleeding form and her gun. Tadashi and (YN) were both speechless. The woman looked to them and gave them a salute before heading out to the main road.

Tadashi and (YN) stepped out into the road and as they did, people began to emerge from their houses. There were a few dozen of them all chanting the same words in perfect unity: "Long live The Black Parade!"

(YN) and Tadashi stared at the scene before them with wide eyes.

"This is officially one of the weirdest things I've ever seen," Tadashi said.

"That makes two of us," (YN) said. "We've gotta get out of here."

Tadashi nodded and grabbed (YN)'s hand. As he laced their fingers together, they look to each other and made eye contact. With a single nod, they ran for the lighthouse.

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