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Hello all,

I would say that I've felt this message to be a long time coming. As you know, I have been a passionate user and writer on Wattpad for over 6 years now. During this time, I have been able to grow and learn as both a writer and an author in the public eye. However, as I have continued to push through on this site, I have struggled with providing my works for free and also wanting to be able to maintain some sort of income from my writing.

Ultimately, I have come to the understanding that some of my writing is unable to be financially promoted or supported by Wattpad and their programs in the way I need, and so because of this, I will be moving this work onto Radish instead.

This story is available to read through purchase of coins on their mobile app. 

I don't want to apologize for this decision because ultimately I have been providing my work for free for many years on this site, and I believe that creators, especially creators who come from marginalized backgrounds deserve to earn revenue for their works. Since this support cannot be provided by Wattpad, I have found it elswhere.

I know this will be frustrating to many, but ultimately there are still plenty of free works on Wattpad and also on my profile. These said works are actually even better in quality as I have grown so much from when I wrote Paper Sails back in 2015.

Ultimately, I hope that you all will support my decision to move my story and to strive to better serve myself as a creator of color. I also am not interested in any negativity anyone has to say about this choice. I do know not all of you can support me and that is okay, but I'm also tired of creators (ESPECIALLY MARGINALIZED CREATORS) consistently being shamed for wanting to reach higher and earn for their content. 

Anyway, thank you for all your continued support. Sending all my love.

Em xo


my username: emslough

publication date on radish app: every mon/sat @ 6am gmt

work title: Paper Sails

first chapter release: early; may 13 

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