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Lucas's POV

I sit ridged against the corner of my cell, my naked body trembling as I try to make sense of what is happening.

I don't know where I am...

I don't know why they took me...

I just want to go home.

My body shudders as I try to hold in sob that is building in my throat, to scared that it would catches the attention of the things that took me.

I don't know who they are, all I know is that they are definitely not human.

I have only caught fleeing glances at them and that is enough for me to do anything for them not to notice me. All of them look the same with sickly pale skin and bony body, with an estimated height of 7ft and their large black pearl eyes that stare through your soul and make you question your very own existence.

I try to slow my breathing, trying to calm the anxiety that in raging in from within my 5'11 body.


I count in my head, filing my lungs with the air they so desperately need.


I continue, holding said air in my lungs trying almost desperately to calm down.


I slowly release the air, feeling my shoulders deflate along with the soothing feeling of this technique brings.


I start up again repeating the same breathing pattern as I did before.





I continue this process in till I feel fit enough to think rationally about my situation.

Keeping my body curled up tightly in the corner of the room, blocking out my surrounding, I start to retrace my steps to see what I can remember before I let my body be riddled with anxiety.

Thinking back to when I awoke in the cell.

I remember feeling warm and oddly comfortable which I thought was unusual as I was sure I was just running from my brother and his friends on my way home from school.

I remember the feeling of panic and pure terror as I hear their footsteps get closer, hearing the insults they were throwing at me.

Feeling the adrenaline pumping through my body as I could hear the promises they were making, the things they were going to do to me when they caught up to me.

I remember wishing, praying they wouldn't get to me.

I remember flinging my body to the right, down the ally I always try to avoid.

I remember the sudden loss of feelings as something sharp was shot into my neck.

I remember hearing the hash footsteps of my brother and his friends pass the ally i was in.

I remember the small feeling of relief before my body suddenly felt to heavy to hold up and everything went dark. 

I take a moment to calm my racing heart at the thoughts of what could of happened if I wasn't...


Abducted by Aliens?

I let out a slight whimper at the thought of what these things will do to me.

Distracting myself I take a second to look around my cage of sorts.

Ignoring the last glass wall I first look towards the direction of whhere I remember waking up in.

My head slightly tilts in confusion at the sight of a pill of what looks like straw mixed with what looks like pieces of clothing which reminds me of the kind of think a bird would make.

I lean forward slightly, momentarily forgetting my fear, to get a closer look.

My eyes squint and what seems to be a lump on top of the bird like nest.

Just as I am about to investigate when I hear a whooshing sound coming from my right.

I throw my body back into the corner wrapping my arms tightly around my legs that are pressed against my chest.

I clench my eyes shut as I hear the deep gurgling noise of what I have come to know in my short time of being hear is they way they talk.

Cold sweats travel down my back as i hear the answering gurgle.

Meaning only one thing, there is more that one close by.

I try to start counting but the way the gurgles suddenly stop sounds more natural that the way they were talking in the first places.

It doesn't help that they have stopped right outside of my cell, staring in at me from the giant glass window.

The giant glass window I have been ignoring.

A sudden high pitched whining noise makes my body jump in fright and my head whip in the direction of it.

My eyes widen and my heart starts beating frantically in my chest as I am staring dead in the eyes of one of the alien. 

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