Who's She

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Emily's pov
I parked outside Rosewood High and got out.

I grabbed my bag and walked inside the building. As, I walked inside, I saw Spencer and a few other girls with her.

"Hey, Spencer right?" I asked as I walked over to her. "Oh, Emily, hey" She responded, smiling.

"Sorry this is, Aria" Spencer said as she directed her attention to a shorter brunette, "Hanna" Spencer continued as she turned to a blonde.

"Hi, Emily" Aria greeted, smiling. I happily returned the gesture and turned to Hanna. "Hey" She responded. "Where's Alison?" Aria asked, looking around.

"Hey, girls" A gorgeous blue-eyed blonde came over with a boy who was taller than her with brown hair and green eyes.

"Hey, Ali. This is Emily. Emily, Alison Dilaurentis" Spencer introduced us.

"Hi" I said, staring into her ocean blue eyes that I could just lose myself in.

What the hell am I saying? I have a girlfriend, remember? Yeah, Maya

"Hey, Emily" Alison said, coldly.

"Hi, I'm Noel" The green-eyed boy, extended his hand with a warm smile. "Hi" I responded, smiling.

"See you later, babe" Noel kissed Alison's cheek before waving to the rest of us and leaving. "I didn't know you guys were dating again?" Hanna asked Alison.

"We're on and off, Han" Alison said in an obvious tone, to which Hanna just put her head back in her phone.

"So, Emily, how do you like Rosewood so far?" Aria asked, tilting her head. "It's cool, I miss my friends though" I said.

"Where did you move from?" Hanna asked. "Austin, Texas" I replied.

"What city?" Hanna asked. "Austin is a city, Han" Spencer responded. "Oh" Hanna nodded.

"So, you guys coming to Noel's party on Saturday?" Alison asked. "I don't know if my mom will let me" Aria said. "Yeah, I dunno, Ali" Spencer responded as well. Alison rolled her eyes and looked at me, our eyes locking.

"What about you, Girly?" Alison asked putting her hands on her hips, making me lightly blush at the nickname. "Oh, uh, sure?" I said. "Great!" Alison responded cheerfully.

"Hanna?" Alison looked towards the other blonde. "Oh, yeah" Hanna said, making Alison smile.

"Em, wanna come over on Friday? We all usually have sleepovers at my house, so, you can come over if you want" Spencer offered.

"Yeah, I'd love to, thanks" I said.

"No problem" Spencer shrugged just as the bell for classes rang. "What class do you have first?" Aria asked as we all began walking. "English with uh, Mr. Fitz?" I said.

"Oh, great! We all have it" Aria said, smiling. I smiled at the shortest girl's enthusiasm as we all began walking to the English room.

"Woah" Spencer breathed out as she saw the teacher.

He was cute, brown lightly curly hair, blue and white checkered button up with black khaki pants and a leather belt. He looked around 23.

Definitely crush-worthy but not my type obviously.

"What do you think about the new teacher?" Aria asked me as we sat down. Hanna to my left, Alison on my right and Spencer and Aria behind me.

"Oh uh I don't really like boys but yeah he's cute I guess" I responded, shyly. "Oh, I'm sorry" Aria said, embarrassed. "No, It's cool really" I said.

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