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(Izzy in the MM)

Honesty(pov): let a niggah try me try me imma kill his whole mfukin family and I ain't playing with nobody fuck around and imma catch body ~Dej Loaf

I wake up to hear my alarm go off gotta get up and get ready for school my thing is who tf starts school back on a Thursday like where they do that at I mean it's cool tho at least the weekend in one more day bt it's my senior year turn tf up me and my right hand guy Izzy finna turn this school upside down I'm ready to see new faces ya feel mee but lemme call this niggah and see if she up and ready.
Phone convo....ring ring ring

Honesty~bruh I know ya ass ain't still sleep get ya stank ass up we got school in a hour
Izzy~niggah stfu and my ass don't stink mfuka I took a shower last night so kill the noise
Honesty~yeah yeah yeah, you gone swoop mee or do I gotta swoop you??
Izzy~niggah you can come get me tf you know niggahs don't like driving ctfu it's too early
Honesty~so when you start your new job how you gone get there??
Izzy~tf kinda trick ass question is that you gone come get me niggah duh
Honesty~lol okay I gotchu be there in 30

Izzy(pov): gotta get ready for the big day get a couple numbers and hoes taha I can't wait just got done putting my dreads up in a neat ponytail walks to closet what am I gone wear for the day lemme think*hmm* my truckfit outfit I just bought last week my black, red, and white one with my 12's damn I look good lemme take a few pics and post em on ig for these thirsty hoes lol looking good for my first day of school y'all already know @pussy_eating_stud!

Honesty(pov): gotta finish my morning heigene then get dressed but what to wear what to wear maybe I'll wear my red and white "Lesbian" shirt with my white skinny jeans and retro 8's yess sounds like a plan checks outfit one more time take a few pics and post them in ig outfit on fleek finna kill these bitches dead @Lesbihonest_Femme!
walk down the stairs and into the kitchen yells to mom

Honesty~ "ma I'm gone "
Mom~"okay baby have a good day and enjoy your senior year!! Oh yeah tell Izzy I said hey I love you"
Honesty~"love you too ma"
Grabs car keys out the key bowl and head out the door lemme call this chicken head so she can come outside
Phone convo....

Honesty~aye hoe come outside
Izzy~aight rat I'm coming out the door rn
End of phone call....

Izzy gets in the car lets go niggah I got hoes to mack on and you wasting my caking time*rubs hands together and licks lips* ya feel me. ctfu Izzy stfu you need to worry abt passing classes and graduating witcha thot ass instead of worrying abt some hoes. lol man honesty kill the noise I already got a lecture frm moms bout that and how I need to decide what I wanna do when I get outta high school and blahzay blahzay blahzay I don't wanna hear it no more lol. So, you better be listening too , keep yo mind on the big picture and not on some hoes keep yo mind frame right before me and momma get on ya ass honesty tells me. Blah blah blah blah whatever my mind frame is where it's pose to be damn lol get off my case you sounding like momma and shit. Aight aight I done we js tho
Pulls up to school....

We here now let's see what's popping in this b

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