Chapter 17: Clove

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I smile as I walk in to a large stone room with weapons and targets everywhere. I see Cato and start to get nervous he looks at me coldly but it soon turns into pure joy.

I walk about 3 steps into the training room and immediately want to leave. Cato is here. Three men, well Peeta, Cato and Finnick are here. I try to back up but the door 'locks' from the outside. I don't want to talk to them. I don't want to be near them. They'll try to rape me, just like every other man I've been in a room with.

"Clove how are you?" Peeta says, running to me and hugging me tightly. I struggle to get away from him but he won't let go. He's going to do something. I gasp for air and Cato looks at Peeta obviously angered.

Cato walks over to Peeta slowly and whispers, "Hurt her again, I will damage you" I look away from him as he looks at me.

"Cato why are you so mean?" I ask carefully, making sure not to make him mad. He'll beat me again, put me in 'my place'. "He wasn't hurting me" lies, but at least I don't have two men mad at me.

"Hey how are you?" I ask him kindly. He smiles and looks awkwardly at the floor. "Don't worry he won't hurt you" I turn around and Cato just watching us very bitterly.

"I'm good, I still hate Katniss" he says looking at his hands as if I could be able to see it. I smile and he laughs.

"I'm not defending her or anything" I start and he looks at me bitterly "But why do you hate her?" I ask carefully while avoiding his eyes. He sighs tiredly.

"She had my family killed" He says angrily. I back away, up onto a wall and slink all the way to the knives. I hold it in front of me, keeping a few in my other hand and sit on the cold ground.

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