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In this story they're all in grade 1, except for Jane and Aragon who are the adults
Cathy's POV
I wake up to feeling someone rubbing my back, I immediately jump back hitting my back on the wall, "Hey you're okay it's just me." Jane said. Jane was my godmothers girlfriend, she's been really nice but she still scares me, then Aragon walked into the room
"Hey, is everything okay I heard a loud noise,"
"Yeah everything's fine just scared her a little bit," Jane said, Catherine nodded and walked over to kiss her hair "I'm gonna go finish breakfast." Jane said
"Mkay" Aragon says and looks at me, I had pushed myself against the wall and pulled my knees to my chest. Aragon kneels in front of my bed and looks at me and grabs my hand, her hands are so warm and soft "what's wrong monkey?" She called me monkey cause she said that when she first saw me I had the face of a baby monkey. I didn't want to talk so instead she held out her arms for a hug, I scooted myself into her arms, "Catherine why do I have to get up?" I ask
"You've got to go to school"
"But I went last year," I said as Catherine picked me up so we could go downstairs
"I know you did but now you've got to go back so you can get more smart"
"Are you sure? Maybe you should ask Jane." I said
"I'm sure," I nodded my head and Catherine sent me down.
After food
I got dressed with a black shirt and blue jeans, I sat down on my bed and let a tear fall. I didn't want to go to school everybody at my old school was mean and then my parents died and they were even more mean then before. Jane walked into my room, I wiped away my tear and looked at Jane, her face was full of concern
"What's wrong" she said walking over to me
"Nothing" I told her
"If you were crying then it's not nothing" she said sitting next to me
"I don't want to go to school." I said
"Why?" Jane ask but instead I just stopped talking "Cathy please look at me" I looked at her and she held out her arms like Catherine did to me earlier, I slowly moved myself closer to her and she pulled me into her lap, rubbing my back while I play with her hair. "How about after school we can go to get ice cream" I smile and nod "okay now let's get you to school," she said I run downstairs and Catherine picked me up and put me in the car.
After the drive
Jane picked me up out if car seat and set me and the ground, I just stood close too her leg. I tugged one her shirt softly and she kneeled down "what's up"
"Can you pick me up till we get inside" I ask she nods her head and picks me up while Catherine grabs my bag and then grabs Janes hand and kisses my hair and we walk inside. As we arrived at the classroom I saw kids talking and drawing Jane still hadn't put me down cause I just held onto her neck whenever she tried to put me down. The teacher was talking to other students when she saw us and walked over to us.
"Hi my names Brooke Lohst you can call me ms. Lohst though. You must be Catherine Parr." She said looking at me, I looked at Catherine then  at Jane then I looked at Ms. Lohst. Jane tried to set me down again but I just gripped on tighter "no" I said
"Yes" she said setting me down, I looked up at Ms. Lohst and backed up into Janes legs, Catherine crouched down to my level
"She's not gonna hurry you, I promise" she said and then ms. Lohst crouched down like Catherine did
"Catherine Parr. I'm ms.Lohst, I can promise you that I will not hurt you and if anyone does I will have a little chat with them, but the children in here are very kind." She points over to a girl with pink in her hair and next to her were to other girl one girl wearing space buns the other with short hair and a red headband, "those girls over there are very nice and I'm sure they'd be willing to let you play with them." She says. I look at Jane and Catherine and they nod their heads at me, so I nod my head at her.
"Okay well why don't you say goodbye and I'll go introduce you guys." I turned around and hug Catherines leg and then Janes
"We'll be back soon okay." Catherine says and I nod my head. Ms. Lohst holds out her hand to me and I grab it, it was warm and soft like Jane and Catherine's.
As we mad our way over to them I got really nervous and stopped walking making Ms. Lohst stop to, she crouches down to look at me again "It's okay to be nervous, on my first day of first grade I didn't talk to anyone's face then I met my best friend Chloe and then time flew bye." She says
"What if they don't like me?" I said talking to her for the first time
"Then you can hang out with me." I nodded my head and we started walking again
"Hi guys" they all smiled at her and said
"Hi" they all said
"Guys this Catherine Parr," the one with pink hair smiled really big and stuck out her hand
"Hi I'm Katherine Howard but you can call me Kitty" I looked back at Ms. Lohst and she smiled and whispered "go ahead" I shook her hand, the one with space buns stuck out her hand "I'm Anne Boleyn, you can call me Annie, Bobo, or as she-" she says pointing at the girl with a red headband "likes to call me space buns" I nod and then the last girl says "and I'm Anne Cleves"
"Can we call you Cathy" Anne says and I nod my head "you don't talk much do you" she asks
"No not really" I say and she smiles
"You have a really pretty voice Cathy I bet you'll be a really good singer someday," Anne says. That made my tummy feel weird and my face feel hot.
"T-thank you" Kitty grabs my hand and we start playing a game.
End of the school day
All the parents came to the building ready to get their kids, I see Jane and Catherine and I ran towards them
"Catch me!" I yell jumping into Catherine's arm. Kitty, Anne, and Anna ran towards me their parents close behind
"Cathy!" Kitty yells and Catherine sets me down and she hugs me "we're all going to get ice cream can you come?" I nod my head remembering how Jane promised ice cream after school
"Yay!!" Anne yelled
"Monkey who are your friends?" Catherine asks
"Oh right." I pulled Anna and kitty's hands "this is Katherine Howard but we call her kitty, this is Anna Cleves" I paused and grabbed Anne's hand pulling her over to me making her face go red, I smile and I felt my cheeks getting hot "and this is Anne Boleyn we call her Annie"
Catherine and Jane smile.
"So kiddos where are we going for ice cream?" Kitty and Anne's mom ask and then Ms. Lohst walked up
"Sorry to interrupt but I couldn't help but over hear the word Ice cream, and I have a suggestion. There's this place called Pinkberry it's not Ice cream but it is frozen yogurt which is basically the same thing. But it's about a 5 minute drive from here." She says all the parents smile and nod there head as Ms. Lohst walks away.
"Alright we'll see you in a few minutes" kitty and Anna walk away next to each other, Anne was about to walk away but she turned around and gave me a hug. And there was the weird feeling in my tummy and my face felt hot again. "Bye Cathy see you in a few minutes." She says
"B-bye" and turn around to walk towards Jane and Catherine.
"Hey bubs you okay your face is really red." Jane says laughing
"Yeah yeah I'm fine, it only happens around Anne,"
"Do you feel anything else"
"She makes my tummy feel weird, like I'm floating" Catherine smirks
"Looks like someone's got a cruuuushhhh" Catherine says poking my tummy
"What's that? I thought that was pop." Jane laughs
"We'll tell you later bubs" Jane says and puts me in the car. I nodded my head. And we went to go get ice cream

Umm this was really long, but I don't care, my hand feels dead though. I hope you liked it. Byeeeee

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