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"you fucking what now?!" jimin slammed a small fist down on the cafeteria bench, causing jeongguk to jump, along with jin. ( who's cheeks were currently stuffed full with piping hot mac n cheese that he managed to choke on) things seemed to be getting a little out of hand, lately. jeon jeongguk did not realise his power.

"you- you, jeon jeongguk, practically the biggest pushover in our entire year got kim taehyung to listen to you?!" jimin exclaimed, eyes flung wide open in shock, along with his hands that threatened to poke the smaller's eye out.

he really had to keep his hands to himself; they were a bit dangerous. "i don't believe it. if i were kim taehyung i'd squish you like a pulp."

"i'll squish you into a plum if you don't shut up." yoongi droned monotonously, eyes fixated on whatever it was his phone screen was displaying.

"if i was kim taehyung, i'd marry jung hoseok on the spot." hoseok replied dreamily, bracing his head in his palms as he looked off into the distance with a lust-filled glint in his eye like some awestruck disney princess. he chocked when yoongi shouldered him in the stomach.

jimin flung his arms up in the air incredulously. "that's beside the bloody point! point being, jeongguk might just be my ticket into the swim team so i can get into jessica's knickers!"

the tiny boy bit his tongue trying not to laugh.

namjoon furrowed his brows in confusion.

"bollocks, you're gay, jimin, we been knew."

"i'm bisexual namjoon," the petite boy ran a hand through his perfect hair. "truth is, i've shagged more papayas than you'll ever have the pleasure of touching in your life."

"did you just compare women to papayas?"
jin spat, a piece of pasta flying from his mouth and inches away from jimin's pristine school blazer, he recoiled in disgust.

"no, of course not, i'm not that cruel!" he scoffed. "i compared papayas to pussies."

"you're a pussy jimin." yoongi deadpanned.

"that really tickled my pickle, thank you grandpa." he smiled patronisingly.

"jessica isn't that nice to me." jeongguk spoke quietly. it was true, the girl had shoved him once or twice in the corridor or purposefully put her foot out to trip him up. he wasn't too fond of her but jeongguk found it his responsibility to be nice to everybody, so he held no grudges.

taehyung on the other hand was another story for another time.

"yeah but she's hot, i mean have you seen her?" namjoon laughed. his eyes wandered across the cafeteria to where the other members of the swim team sat, they are all bunched up in one massive, collective group; namjoon the odd one out.

jeongguk liked it that way.

no matter how much people tired to convince him that namjoon was just like all the other athletic students in his school, jeongguk knew that namjoon was far more than that. he was kind hearted, the small boy loved and appreciated him dearly.

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