Chapter 20-Let The Real Game Begin

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“He killed your dog with a knife and your parents still let him around you and Sullivan?” I ask shock and he nods.

“He tried to kill me too, pressed the pillow over my face though I never told my parents. Luckily dad started teaching me MMA since I could walk and I kneed him in the groin. He was put in therapy after the dog incident and once Sullivan was born he attitude changed. He started loosening up and acting like a kid. Of course his obsession with Sullivan was a ‘protective big brother’ thing or so said his therapist at the time.” He says with air quotes as I shake my head in disgust.

“What happened after high school?” I ask after looking back at Sullivan’s still form.

“Well they graduated together and went off to college together as well. They lived in the same apartment because we didn't know what was happening yet. Nobody knows the full extent of what happened at the time. Sullivan never talked about it and Silas disappeared. All I know is dad and I went to give them a surprise visit and we walked in on Silas torturing Sullivan.” He says angrily and my brows furrow.

“Torturing him how?” I ask even though I honestly don’t want to know.

“He had him naked, tied up to the bed on his stomach. Tape was over his mouth as Silas beat him with a belt.” He says with tears shining in his eyes and I swallow the lump in my throat. “His back was covered in blood and tears streaming down his face. Silas was jerking off to it all. I lost it and attacked him while dad took care of Sullivan. Unfortunately Silas was bigger and stronger than me at the time. He got the upper hand and fled. He knows how to stay hidden because dad would tell us everything we needed to know as we grew up. He doesn't even go by Silas Delaney anymore which is why it’s hard to find him.” He explains and I run my hand through my hair.

“I’ll find him and I’ll kill him.” I sneer and he shakes his head.

“Sullivan will hate you.” He says and I glare.

“No he won’t.” I say and he looks at me sadly.

“Sullivan still loves Silas even after whatever more torture he put him through. We don’t talk about Silas but I used to catch Sullivan looking at the picture in his old bedroom. He told me that he misses his ‘Sillies’ which he called Silas when he was younger. If you hurt him Sullivan will never forgive you. Trust me I called him a dick and Sullivan would scream at me because I spoke badly of him. He may be scared and want to hate him but he can’t, he loves him. I don’t know what Silas put into his head all those years but it messed Sullivan up.” He says and I groan while dropping back into the chair.

“What am I suppose to do then, let ‘Sadistic Silas’ run around free and shoot my boyfriend again? No I won’t let that happen.” I say determinedly and he pats my shoulder.

“I know which is why I'm the one killing him.” He says making me look up at him.

“You?” I ask shocked and he nods.

“Silas is an expert with guns but so am I. I'm a man that knows just how to handle men like him. He likes guns but I have more than he does. The gun he was using is a gun that most SWAT sniper members use. I think he changed his name and join the force. It would give him the supplies and time he needs to get all this shit done.” He says just as my phone rings. I pull it out quickly and frown at the blocked number.

“Vheris.” I say and a deep chuckle is what I get as a response.

“Delaney. That’s how my baby brother answers his phone right?” A teasing voice says cheekily and my hand tightens around the phone.

“Silas.” I grit and Sven quickly presses his ear to the phone.

“Awe, you know my name. I'm honored, well not really. You've been looking for me Rowan. I don’t like people snooping.” He says casually.

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