Chapter 20-Let The Real Game Begin

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Sullivan's hospital room---->

Chapter 20

Let The Games Begin

Rowan’s POV

“So after that I can’t figure what how to do it. What do you think baby?” I ask him but I get no response as usual. “Yeah well I'm sure I can beat it, I just need to keep trying.” I mumble and return to the Two Dots game.

I sigh and kick my shoes off before resting against the headboard. This bed is so fucking uncomfortable but I’ll suck it up. I try to concentrate on the game but my eyes drift back to the other bed. Putting my phone down I slide off the bed and walk over to Sullivan’s. I grab his small hand in mine while sinking into the vacant chair. Looking at the breathing tube down his throat makes me wince before dropping my head onto his hand.

It’s been five days since I got here. The longest and most torturous five days I've ever experienced in my life. One doesn't really notice the small things that can make your day. Who knew I would miss the drive to work as much as I do? Never did I think I would miss rushing about in the morning because I was running late. I don’t want to leave though. I don’t want to rush about and take the car ride to work when my baby is in here fighting for his life. I close my eyes and nuzzle his cold hand before kissing it softly.

“Rowan, we have a problem.” Sven says making me look back at him.

“What is it?” I ask while kissing Sullivan’s hand and standing up.

“Sullivan’s house has been trashed. Nobody has been there since the accident. I've been staying at my parents with my sister. Henry hasn't left this damn hospital just like you. I went there today to grab some clothes for him. Everything was turned over and broken, vases, tables and his books were shredded. The bastard is playing with us because he left this.” He says angrily while handing me a note.

I swallow and open it quickly before a glare forms on my face. There in the middle of the page is a smiley face in red marker. Under the stupid drawing is a neat handwriting saying, ‘Let the real game begin, you've seen nothing yet.’ I take a deep breath and clench my jaw in order not to rip the paper to pieces. I look at Sven who is glaring at the paper.

“Why is he doing this?” I ask angrily and he sighs.

“Attention, he wants attention.” He says with a shrug.

“He shoots Sullivan and trashes his house for attention?” I say disbelievingly.

“He has always been an attention whore. When he learned Sullivan was going into high school with him he was excited. Nobody knew he would start torturing him in school.” He says with a sigh. 

“Why though?” I repeat and he shrugs.

“I don’t know Rowan. Silas used to love playing with Sullivan even though he was 6 years old then him. He never really paid me much attention but Sullivan, I don’t know. He's had this obsession with him since we were kids. He would get angry when Sullivan would play with me and he would drag him away and give me with death stare. I think he sees Sullivan as his property or something.” He says and I glare.

“He's not an object! He's a human being.” I growl and he nods.

“Yeah I know that but Silas is sadistic. Everyone knew it since he was young. He could and would just sit there staring at you for hours with nothing but malice in his eyes. He loved playing with knifes but he never cut himself because he knew how to handle one from the times dad would take him hunting. That was all before he started getting all evil and shit. He was an evil kid, killed our dog when he was 6 with the same knife. When Sullivan was born though, he seemed to calm down. He would smile around Sullivan and would laugh. Silas had Sullivan attached to his hip. As he grew up Sullivan was just as attached to Silas. He would cry when Silas went to school or got in trouble. It was so bad that Silas beat the shit out of me when I was 5 and he was 9. All because he got home from school late and I was playing with Sullivan to keep him busy. I was told that I didn't get to play with him.” He says sadly as my eyes widen.

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