Dalton's POV

"Can I get another juice box, Will?" I asked, throwing my 7th juice box in the bin.

"We are gonna run out of it." He said. as I moan.

"Fine. I'll get it myself." I said, getting of the couch with difficulty. I was sitting upside down.

So was Will.

I got up, and walked to the fridge.

What was in it?






Cereal Bars.

That was pretty much it.

"DANA!!!" I yelled

The door opened.

"Yesh?!" He asked, as I turn around.

"Gabe?! Why are you carrying Dana on your shoulders?!" I asked as Dana smirks.

"He wanted to stay fit, so this is a start." He said.

"Yeah. You. Are.Very.Heavy.Dana." Gabe gasped for air, trying to keep Dana's weight on his shoulders.

"Just.. Let me down." Dana said finally, as Gabe literally drops him..

"OHHH!! MY SHOULDERS." Gabe yelled in relief, as Dana rubbed his head.

"OHHHH! MY HEAD!" Dana imitates him, as Will started laughing.

"Okay. Where is my 8th juice box?" i asked Dana.

"You drank one yesterday.." Dana said as my mouth dropped open.


At least I won't get diabetes.

I jumped onto the bean bag, with Dana.

"We cant do anything when Cole isnt here!" I moaned, as Gabe massages his shoulder.

"Gabe. Dana isn't that heavy." I said.

"Yeah I am. I was wearing my metal jacket thing." Dana says, as Will just looks at us.

"Dalty get me water." he said, as I gave the 'No' meme face.

"No." I said.

"Mkay. Dana?" Will asked.

Dana gets the water, and throws it to Will.

"Cheers" He says, as Will continues texting or whatever. That was rather British of him...

"Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey." I said, as the 3 boys looks at me.


"But.. in the end its a competition. It would be unfair." Gabe said, as Dana nods.

"I'll call Coley moley." I said, as Dana looks at me like 'whuuuut?'

"Coley moley? What is he? a mole?!" He asked, as Gabe laughs.

"Or... Dalton has a mole called Cole!" Gabe laughed.

I took my phone out.

Cookie.. Ah! Cookie. Lets call him.

"Hello? Cole Pendery here." Cole answers, as I put him on speaker.

"Eyy.. Cole. Its Dalton. You're on speaker." I said, as Gabe comes over.

"Hello. Whats up? Make it quick." he said.

"Okay.. do you think there is enough space for 4 more instructors in the camp thinggy?" I asked.

"You guys wanna be instructors? Well, there was this girl this morning that came and was told to go home cuz there weren't enough instructors, but.. yeah. I'll text you the number of the reception." He said, as I nod. Not that he can see me or anything...

"Kay. See ya Coley Moley." I said.

"Bye Coooolee!" Dana and Gabe yelled.

"K bye. see ya guys!" he said, as he hangs up.


There's that chapter! Sorry it's short

So.. in the begining I said something about a competition.

Well, as you know, the memebers of IM5 are joing the camp!

So.. we need students!

We already have 1 for William, and the character is made by @Anonymously_Me. And Cole has Rachel as his student, so we need students for Dana, Dalton, and Gabe!

So.. yeah.

We need students, like I said before, so you can either make/create one, or use yourself!

One person can make up to as many characters as they want!

So.. inbox me your characters!

Deadline - Sunday, 18th November, 2012.


What you need for your character entry is..




Who its played by. (You/ celeb)



Likes, Dislikes.

Instructor (Dalton/Dana/Gabe)

Any other extra information.

Winners - a fan if i havent fanned you already. a dedication. And.. VOTES ON YOUR STORY! If I havent already. I will try and promote winners as best I can, so.. yeah!

Please inbox me, and don't comment! it will be very spammy!

Thank you!

Love you weirdos!


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