I fu**ing love you

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Lorenzo POV

I walked downstairs into the living room where I saw everyone crowded around a little girl and she was Harper, the smile on her face reminded me of the younger self of me

"Just looking at Harper won't make me feel sorry for you the chance I get to leave I will I promise and you will never see my daughter again"

"Sofia You see if you run away I will find you again and I will find you every time and good luck about escaping there's guards everywhere" I said as she glared at me in anger before stomping away

One thing for sure she has changed. Before she would be scared at everything now she's brave .

Everyone was still crowded around Harper who looked terrified and Sofia was trying to get to her but couldn't because everyone was in the way.

"Stop!" I yelled making everyone in the room freeze and look at me with respect while Sofia just stared at me with that look "what the hell was that for"and all I did was smirk

"Leave"they all scurried away except Sofia and Harper.

"Mummy where is coco" Harper asked and just then a puppy ran in and barked at me

"Harp-" my words got cut of by Sofia walking past me and the puppy following her making me sigh, it hurt and I new it was my fault.

Why me I had her since high school, and married her and then lost her and now I have her back but she doesn't want me and I know one thing we are meant to be together even if she doesn't like it.

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