Why Can't Saturday Come Sooner?

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        Hey..Sorry short chapter today I have to leave in a little bit but I might make another one tonight..So no view/votes/comments so yeah..But I only made this yesterday so what can I expect?Anyway,I hope more people read this soon ..Even just a couple of people...Sooo some more exciting things are gonna happen in a couple of chapters sooo yeah..

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As soon as I came home,Amanda pulled me upstairs to my room and threw me down on the bed.I fell back and hit my head on the wall,almost falling off.I got up and sat down on the corner of my bed right net to my pink fluffy pillow.

        "What is so important?!?!"I yelled to her,my head throbbing from the hit.She grabbed both of my shoulders and started to smile really big."What happened with you and that new guy?"Ugh.I knew she was gonna ask.I told her about how I had to show him around the school,and how we almost kissed twice.She was acting crazy.I swear she is acting like I have never even talked to a boy.Oh wait...

        She left and soon enough Dad was home.The rest of the night went by quick,and then it was Friday.I got a shower and did the normal stuff before school faster than I normally do.I decided to look good to day,so I curled my hair and did really pretty makeup.http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=143440541

        Amanda was sick so her dad called one of his neighborhood friend's kid was trying to ask for some kind of information about them so she wasn't driving with a complete stranger,but her dad said he had to leave right away.She groaned but said OK to keep her dad happy.She sat down to watch tv but heard the doorbell ring.She couldn't believe who she saw at the door.

                                Hey guys..sorry again for a short chapter might have a longer one soon.

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