Chapter 2

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Jaehyun took his wobbly feet to the apartment he was living in, punching his passcode without any error. As the doors opened, he stepped in quietly and the sight of his place who seemed to have been taken away from light greeted him.

It was empty and lonely.

He was completely tired and he can feel his mind getting foggy that he couldn't comprehend anything right now. All he wants is for his aching joints and throbbing head to feel the softness of his cotton-like mattress beneath him.

The lad placed his leather shoes to the shoe rack as his feet that were covered with socks padded across the unit. The image of the living room basking in the glow of city lights and the moon became warped and he blinked hard to regain his senses.

Only for him to see a figure in white, sitting on his sofa with its legs crossed underneath its thighs. Jaehyun swore under his breath as his heart picked up its pace so suddenly. The vision activated his system, his adrenal glands were pumping furiously too much adrenaline that his previously wonky feet had been restored to its fullest potential and his senses heightened. The thought of an intruder was registered heavily in his mind that was inebriated at that moment.

"I swear— Who the hell are you? What are you doing here?" He sighed loudly as he was too exhausted to fight with this unknown person inside his personal premises.

The lack of response had him groaning in annoyance.

"Do you want me to call the police?" He snatched his phone just hiding in his pocket and he was about to press the emergency dial when the other spoke.

"Don't....they're bad people..." The wind blew harshly inside the room and Jaehyun felt chilly once he have heard the stranger's voice which is quite odd.

The prosecutor squinted his eyes to get ahold of the person's view clearly. He was taken aback to see the same guy who had been showing up since he came back from the trial.

He knew he was quick-witted but he wants to hide the fact from the latter that he had finally realized what Jaehyun had just encountered now. Moreover, it was a silent vow to himself not to be associated with everything attached to something beyond the reality as a human.

Jaehyun turned around, opting to cut the whole conversation there as he assumed the boy would leave him alone but his frail voice froze his legs and his ears were sharp to catch the soft voice pleading to him.

"Help me," there's pure despair and sorrow underlying in those words and it was enough for Jaehyun to be curious about it.

However, his subconscious continued to resist. He knows too well at the back of his mind that all of it wouldn't end good.

And as much as he does want to lend a helping hand, he was too baffled to pull himself closer to them more than it used to be.

String of apologies came out of his lips quietly, afraid that the other might break. He noticed that the other radiates an energy that was almost melancholic and Jaehyun could feel it intensely.

But he chose to refuse the pair of identical orbs painted in the palette of the blue seas. The eyes that embody pain.

Calling the police is no use, Jaehyun wants to scoff.

"I am not that of a big help. I think you should find someone who could do it," Jaehyun tried to reason out with his back still facing against him, failing to notice the light surrounding the boy was starting to fade.

The latter's face contorts in pain and he opened his mouth to scream, to beg for the other to turn around but the sound came out empty.

The man being oblivious about it went on, "I know it's too much of me to ask but don't come back here anymore".

When the silence answered him, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion so he faced the living room.

To his surprise, no one was there.

The next morning was a living hell. Jaehyun went to work with his head still pounding hardly. He had no time to buy a drink to ease the lingering alcohol in his body as he woke up late.

The events yesterday seemed to have passed by in a blur and the prosecutor could only think of it as an illusion played by his intoxicated self.

So when he entered the spacious office of his, the colors in his face have drained when he sees the room deluged in a great disaster. The folders piled up neatly in his desk were all ruined and what's more surprising is that only Renjun's desk was left untouched.

Jaehyun hurriedly went to the mess and crouched down to gather all the papers scattered across the floor. He had no time to think about the perpetrator of this whole fiasco.

Once he was done, he stood up and was about to return the papers in the table when his eyes have caught something.

Along with his other paper works messily lying down the table, there's a folder perched peacefully above the wooden surface. Strangely, small blotches of brown on the material shows that it is already old.

It leaves Jaehyun to wonder how did it get to his own documents.

A knock on the door called his attention and when he looked up, Renjun has his eyes wide when he sees his boss standing between his work littered around.

"Prosecutor, what happened?" He took steps carefully, picking up the paper he would find on his way.

Jaehyun's attention went back to the thing in front of him and at his periphery, he saw someone other than Renjun in this room.

Slowly, he lifted his eyes and it was met by the same boy he had found outside the office, from across the road, and in his own apartment.

The dots are starting to connect and the gear in his head began working as he had come to a conclusion to all of these strange things happening to him and how this person is related to all of these.

He diverted his gaze, reading the letters printed in the article pasted on the folder like a mantra for it to be embedded in his brain.

A high school student was found in a septic tank, stabbed 20 times to death

In case you are wondering:

There is no statute of limitations on first-degree murder in South Korea starting from 2015. However, it is retroactive to such cases under circumstances acceptable to the court.

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