Dinner party

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Sofia's POV

I stared at myself in the mirror straightening the beige dress I was wearing.

Sofia's Dress

Tonight, Lucy , Lorenzo's mother invited us for dinner with the other family members , so they could meet Harper

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Tonight, Lucy , Lorenzo's mother invited us for dinner with the other family members , so they could meet Harper

I was about to say no , until I realised that it wasn't about me.

Lucy has always been so good to me. She was like a mom which I never had. She defended me and looked after me when Lorenzo kicked me out

However I just couldn't keep talking to them I don't know why. So I stopped picking up there calls and changed my number. Now I have to see them tonight and I don't know what I will say to them.

It's been a day since we told Harper the truth about Lorenzo. And she seems so happy. Really happy.

"Mommy!" Harper yelled for the hundredth time. She is so impatient, like farther like daughter.

I sighed grabbing my purse and walked out to see him smiling at me however I just ignored him.
"You look beautiful both of you" I heard Lorenzo say but I just kept walking away

"Mommy do you think grandma is going to love me?" She asked while we walked to the car making me smile.

"Of course sweetie. She is really excited to meet you." I said hugging her before helping her fasten her seatbelt.

As soon as we parked the car I'm front of Lucy house, I looked back at Harper who was looking at the house for a minute then looking at me.

"It's here, it's massive?" She asked as I unfastened her seatbelt.

"Yes" I said getting out of the car.

Once I helped her out , i took Harper's hand in mine and we walked out whilst still ignoring Lorenzo.
And knocked. Harper immediately went to hide behind my legs.

The door opened revealing a smiling Lucy

"Sofia" she gasped and pulled me into a massive hug. I smiled lightly and hugged her back " sweetly I missed you so much" she pulled anyway as I could see tears dropping from her eyes " I'm sorry it's just I haven't see you for so long. We tried looking for you."

"It's nice to see you to" I smiled giving her a small hug,

"You look amazing, how have you been doing?"

"Great thank you" I smiled as I felt Harper's hand on my leg tighten

Lucy eyes moved towards her and her smile widened

" you must be Harper you just look just like your mom" she said smiling as Harper nodded shyly holding my hand tighter
"I'm Lucy your grandma" she said and her voice shook a little like she was about to cry

"Can I get a hug?" She asked sweetly. Harper looked at me. When I nodded she smiled and hugged her grandma
" I have a granddaughter!" She sighed "my first and only one." She pulled away and kissed her check

We all sat down at the dinner room with Harper siting by me and Lorenzo next to her.

"How is my little princes" Lorenzo asked Harper as she let go of my hand and sat on Lorenzo lap
"I'm good daddy" everyone was making "aww" noises
Lorenzo went by my ear and whispered "Sofia".   "I'm sorry sunshine I love you"


He used to call me that when we were together..     

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