(Edited) Chapter 4 Part II

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I type my Facebook ID and password and then press enter. The page starts loading and soon the familiar blue-white background of the social networking website appears. I quickly check my notifications, then my friend requests. I've got no messages.

You know how Facebook is--addictive. So I don't even notice the time and waste away an hour on it, browsing through memes. Only when I see the clock do I realize the amount of time I've wasted and got ready to log out. I'm about to click on the 'sign out' button when a chat box pops open. A pop sound follows and I realize someone just messaged me.

My heart does a little somersault inside my chest as I read Aiden's name on the box. I stare at it, shocked for some time. Even though Aiden and I are good friends, we both only talk in

There was a time when we used to text each other endlessly. But since this summer, that has stopped. He hardly ever texts me anymore. So why is he messaging me now? What does he want to talk about? 

I take in a huge breath and click on the chat box.


My heart immediately starts beating rapidly against my chest. Why am I getting so damn excited? It's just a two-lettered word-a minuscule greeting.

Me: Hey

Him: Sup?

Me: Nm Just Bored...

Him: Oh...

Me: So what's up with u?

Him: Missing someone...

I actually sit there for a whole minute not knowing how to reply to what he just said. That 'someone' has to be Hailey, right? But then why is he telling me that he is missing her? I feel really confused but after sitting there idly for a few seconds I reply-

Me: ...

Him: .........

Me: .....................

Him: R u crazy??

Me: Yeah, hanging around you has that effect on people :P

Him: Nope, you're crazy! :P

Me: Whatever... -_-

Him: Damn, I really miss her

So finally he reveals that he's missing her. Of course, he's missing her! Then why is it annoying me?

Because you like him.

I stare at the screen for some more time. What should I say? What does he want me to reply to something like this? And why do I feel so pissed?

God, I'm pathetic.

Me: Well go and talk to her if you miss her. Why waste your time chatting with me?

Him: I'm already talking to her.

Me: Good. I won't disturb you then. Goodbye.

I sign out immediately after this, not able to take it anymore; feeling really frustrated, I shut the laptop. I feel so annoyed right now. But I shouldn't be feeling like this. Why should I care who he's missing or not? How is that any of my business? Why is it even affecting me?

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