DNA test

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Lauren POV
As I was going through my set , six eyes stood out more then others. I kept glazing over but tried my best to ignore them. It became the end and I probs have like $2,000 ish . I begin walking to the dressing room , when someone pulls my arm. I turn round it was kourtney and Kendall I think.

Me- umm hey
I pull my arm off them

Kendall- sorry , listen , you might be our sister-

Me- I might be your HALF sister

Kourtney- okay so what half sister , me , Kim and Khole are half sisters with Kylie and Kendall and we love each other

Me- okay , that is great you guys get along , but I don't even know if we are sisters yet

Kendall- come with us to get the test done please

Me- okay let me get change and get my things

After ten minutes

I come out of the dressing room meet with the same six women from before. We walk out the club and get into the car to there house I guess. I grab my phone and text mani to look after Blake a bit longer. She was a bit confused but I said I will explain when i get home. After a growling 20 minutes of silence , we arrived at a mansion it seemed like wow it is massive. We walked through door and the girls led me to this office type room , i took a swap and put it in a plastic bag , same as the other girls.

Kris- right so can i have your number so when the results come i can call you

Me- sure , how long do they take

Khole- we are going to make it an emergency one , so hopefully by tomorrow

Me - wow okay , just wonder can i get lift home , cos i have no other way

Kylie - ye , we will call our driver to take you home, he is just outside

Me- okay thanks seen you guys whenever bye

All of them- bye

20 minutes

I arrive at the apartment to a sleeping mani , so i put a blanket over her and go to bed

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