It was a mistake we were only eighteen

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Lorenzo POV

"I'm sorry Sofia it was a mistake we were only eighteen. I regret my stupid mistake. I'm so sorry for leaving you with our daughter were I should of been holding your hand when you were giving birth , buying the the first toy, buying a coat, monthly check up at the doctors , going out to the shops at like midnight to get you your food for you craves but I missed out"  I could see that she felt felt bad and I did to. Due to my stupidness I have ruined 4 years of my daughters life that I will never get back.

"I will marry you  but I will never love you like before because the love for you is gone.I am only doing this for Harper" she said and her words ached like nettles from a bush.

"I will do everything in my power to make that love come back" I said as she stared at me like I had three heads.

"The marriage will take place the day after tomorrow and tomorrow is our engagement and we have to pick up our rings" I said, Sofia just shyly nodded

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