Chapter 14 - I always loved you✔

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Svetlana walked over to the pool area with Mina and Masha right behind her. She saw Stephan by the bar approaching Violet and Luca, and panicked. She looked around and quickly grabbed the nearest water bottle.

She hit him in the back of the head with the bottle and jumped into the pool. Stephan turned towards his little sister with a glare.

"Not cool!" He yelled at her.

Mina and Masha laughed in the background as Svetlana rose from the water, making half of the male population go mute. Her white bikini became a see through in less then a second. Her hair was damp and her mouth was forming a smug smile.

Stephan blinked at her and hastily went over.

"Hello." He said.

Svetlana looked at him and swallowed a lump. She took a deep breath and closed the distance between them.

"Do you want to have some fun?" Svetlana purred into his ear.

Stephan looked over at his sister and she walked over.

"What?" She asked annoyed.

"Make sure mom and dad don't go back to the room." He said and draped an arm over Svetlana's shoulder.

She smiled on the outside, but inside her head every russian curse word was directed towards Violet as they made their way back to Stephan's room.


"Svetlana's cursing me, which means phase one is complete." Violet said.

'Bran, start phase two.' 

Violet said through the mental link she built with all of them. Luca stood up and went away. Violet looked at his back and sighed. The chair next to her's moved and the same blue haired girl from the party took a seat next to her. Gabor was tending to some other customers so he didn't pay much attention to the brunette.

"You know, killing off your friends won't make you feel better." The girl said.

"You know, sticking your nose into other people's business will bite you in the ass."

"Diana." She extended her hand but Gabor was quick to interfere.

"Get lost siren, you're not welcome here!" He snarled.

Violet's eyes widened. Gabor knew her language but decided to play dumb?

"Aw come on Gabor. I just came to meet our fair queen." She said.

"Queen?" Violet asked, curious.

"Yes queen..."

"Diana don't you dare!" Gabor gave Diana a warning glare.

"That little choker that your not taking off is a sign that you belong to Lucifer and are his bitch." Diana said standing up.

She smirked and walked away. Violet turned towards her and her eyes turned a deep shade of red.

"The only bitch here is you, siren whore." She said at the siren.

Violet swore, that the next time they met, the siren won't be able to walk anymore.


"Bran gave the go. Svetlana is with Mina and Masha. The parents are at a restaurant, while the sister is chasing a guy twice her age around. I'll stay close by if you need anything." Luca said handing Violet the key card.

She nodded and went over to unlock Stephan's door. The key card beeped and Violet opened the door. She walked in looking around. She found Stephan sitting in an arm chair. She raised her eyebrow and smiled at him when she caught the bite marks on his neck. She pulled out the chair from behind her and placed it in front of Stephan. She took a seat and heaved a sigh.

"Let's cut to the chase, where's Jena?" She asked.

"Why should I tell you?" Stephan asked. He was scared but his pride was bigger than his fear.

"I don't know, maybe because you're paralyzed in a chair and I'm a few moments away from ripping out your throat? You know it's just a wild guess." Violet shrugged.

Stephan gulped when the girls eyes turned red. Now he was sure that she was responsible for Riven's disappearance. He took a shaky breath and looked at Violet.

"Jena dumped me after I bailed her out of jail. She told me she was with me only because it would hurt you. Please, I didn't know she would stab you... I'm... sorry." He said.

"I don't want an apology from you, it means nothing to me now. I just want to know where she is." Violet said her eyes turning a darker shade of red then ever before.

"She went over to Ursula's. Mia told me at the party that Jena is going to Austria before Christmas... Violet you don't have much time..." He told her.

Violet simply nodded. She had one more question for Stephan but then again she was a little bit insecure to ask it. She took a deep breath and decided that if she would ask it, then it would be now, before she killed him.

"Stephan there's one more thing..."

Stephan raised his head.

"Did you really... mean what you said that day? That I was a mere play thing because of Egor's status?"

Violet remembered the day she and Stephan broke up. He called her out to the park and humiliated her in front of his friends, but of course Egor didn't let that happen. He came to her rescue. That day not only did she lose her boyfriend, she lost her friends as well. And that's when everything went down hill. The only good thing that came out from all of that was meeting Kat and Ana.

"At first it was, but then I found out how perfect you were... How you made me feel... I found out you were the most energetic person I have ever met and you were fun to be around with..." He said.

Violet clenched her jaw and balled her fists.

"You know I remember the first time I saw you... You were wearing that band t-shirt that Egor gave you... Um I don't remember the name of the band..."

"You mean Cannibal Corpse?"

"Yeah that one. You looked really intimidating but when you smiled up at Egor you looked really happy... I wanted someone to smile up at me like that, so I wanted to make you my girlfriend... but you never smiled at me like that... I knew you liked Egor and it bugged me a lot so I did everything possible for you to like me, I asked you to become my girlfriend and I wanted to hurt Egor somehow but he wasn't even scratched when I dumped you... Only a few months later did I realize I had hurt you..."

Violet couldn't listen anymore, her head was going to collapse from Stephan's words.

"Stephan... I killed Riven and I will kill you as well..." She said.

"Make it quick." He said.

Violet stood up and went over to him. She stopped behind him and placed her hands on his jaw.

"Violet... I never stopped loving you, even after we broke up... Even now... I still... love you."

Those were the last words the boy ever spoke. Violet broke his neck and fell to the floor, streams of water going down her cheeks.

She was staring at his body from behind and started sobbing.

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