Avatar: Katara and Zuko's complex love.

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"Avatar: The Last Airbender"

Except I'm going to start from the ending of the show and with a lot more romance in Katara's POV; which must include Fire Lord Zuko ;D  Know what I'm saying ?


     When Fire Lord Ozai was more or less defeated by Aang, it came down to deciding what path would Katara take. Would she accept Aang's feeling or continue with her unrequited love for Zuko. She knows, it may sound strange but those days spent with Zuko kind of attracted her towards him. Maybe it was because he helped her brother save her father, or because he helped her get over her mother's death. Either way, she was smitten.

     Zuko, now the new Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, is currently dating Mai. Although that made Katara a little jealous, she noticed that sometimes Zuko would look her way and smile. She did not know what the smile meant, but she liked it nonetheless. Katara could not help but stare at those soft eyes and admire his slightly spikey black hair as it gleamed a healthy glow in the wilting weather. She liked how he is more peaceful and kind now. She liked his annoyance when Sokka teases him. She liked every single thing about him, but she knew she could not do anything about it, for she was to be with Aang.

     Right now they were staying at the Fire Nation in Zuko's palace so Aang could disscuss future plans with him. Katara, Sokka and Toph were there as the new advisers, so they were allowed in their meeting.

"Do we have to sit through twinkle toes' and fire butt's dumb meeting?" asked Toph. She didn't really want to go back home to her parents yet, she's still afraid that they might treat her like a little girl and make her quit using her Earthbending abilities. Also, she was very afraid to be grounded again.

Sokka laughed, "haha, fire butt, good one" he high-fived Toph.

"Enough guys, listen!" Snapped Katara. She wanted them to be quiet so Aang and Zuko can start the meeting already. The room they were in was very dark, and had chairs around a table that had a giant map of all the nations.

"Hi guys...so erm, how should we start this meeting" said Zuko. He was very nervous, he never really spoke at any of the meetings his father had, and now he faced about twelve people plus his advisors Sokka, Katara and Toph. There were twelve people, three from each nation, including his own.

"Start with the plan to have the White Lotis to be in charge of baa Sing Se, and get people to restore the land and plants destroyed by fire lord Ozai" Aang whispered to Zuko, as he sat by his side.  Zuko thought Aang should be in charge of this meeting, not him.

"Right, thanks" whispered Zuko, "Okay everyone, attention! We have come to a decision to make the White Lotus be in charge of baa Sing Se, which includes people from other nations to help them restore the destroyed land and forest."


Continued on the next part , whao it;s getting late D: