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Hanahaki disease
No one's pov
Y/n's class is still ongoing. Looking out the window, she can't hold back the petals that are wanting to get out of her mouth. "Ma'am, can i go to the bathroom please?" she interuppted the discussion, causing all her classmates to look at her confusingly. 'So embarassing' she thought. "Ofcourse, y/n." The teacher said. She ran as fast as she can but she reached in front of the bathroom stalls and tripped on her own foot. Coughing, yellow flowers are already sprouting out of her mouth, the thorns of its stem is scratching her throat making her cough out blood. Damn. What really is this? 'This disease started a month ago. Please make it stop!' She started to feel a little dizzy...

-Flashback 1 month ago-

Still no one's pov
"I like you!" Y/n said to him infront of the cherry blossom tree in front of the dorms. Y/n's childhood friend, her first crush, Zenitsu Agatsuma- "I'm so sorry y/n I-" Zenitsu repeated. What? That's it? 3 years of loving him, wasted. Fat tears rolled down y/n's cheeks, "but can we atleast still be friends?" she said, forcing a smile. "U-um, Ofcourse y/n" Zenitsu said, smiling geekily and walking away.

She felt something filling her chest, She began to cough. Running to the bathroom stall, she puked out blood and a... 'petal?' She was horrified of what she saw. She started coughing violently again, causing more petals coming out of her mouth.

Flushing down the toilet, she ran to her dorm while covering her mouth with a handkerchief. 'how the hell?' She thought and drifted off to sleep.

It kept happening until a week later, she saw Nezuko and Zenitsu laughing together. Zenitsu looked at her and waved. She waved back, covering her mouth with a handkerchief. She got back to her coughing fit, running to the bathroom. Horrified at the sight, the petals bacame a blooming yellow flower with blood all over.

She thought it would stop eventually so she ignored it. Picking up her phone, She did reasearch on the disease. 'hanahaki, huh?' After reading about the disease, she thinks it was ridiculous and pointless. But no. It became worse as time passed by. Zenitsu became more close with Nezuko and she chose not to interfere. 'As long as Zenitsu is happy, i'm happy' she thought, smiling to herself eventhough she is hurting.

-current time-

Y/n's pov
The dizziness never ceased. I heard someone walking. 'I don't care anymore. So this is how i'm going to die, huh?' A tear rolled down my cheek. I nearly closed my eyes when- "Y/n? Y/N!!" A familiar voice screamed. Causing me to jolt my eyes open. "No don't close your eyes, please don't close your eyes!" bright golden eyes met my e/c ones.


"Yes y/n, it's me!" Zenitsu said, fat tears rolling down his cute face. "Why are you crying? What are you doing here?" I said, genuinely smiling. "W-well, you are crying a-and, YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF YOU KNOW!?! Why are you worried about me?! Y/n PLEASE tell me what happened..." He cupped my face, using his thumb to wipe away tears. "H-here." He gave us both tissues and helped me wipe away blood. "Thanks" i mumbled out.

"I'm so sorry that i'm so selfish" i said to him. "Why?" He replied. I looked down while saying, "I'm so sorry that this disease started, i'm sorry that i loved you too much, i'm sorry that... maybe i can't live without you?" Tears started to roll down my cheeks again and i coughed violently.

"Why didn't you tell me about what disease you are having?" I felt a hand on my back. "i love you too you know. Im suppose to tell you that i loved you on the day you confessed, but im so nervous about us." he said. "Wha-" but before i finished my sentence,

he kissed me.

We both blushed after the kiss, not caring about anything. "I-im sorry about the blood." I said, nervously wiping the blood remaining in my lips. "How can i stop this disease?" " WE can stop it together" he said smiling at me. "Open wide, y/n" i opened my mouth and zenitsu pulled out the stems of the flower until roots popped out. "Better?" He said while handing me a bottle of water, i nodded while drinking it.

"G-good thing you didn't have surgery, cuz we can't end up being together." He blushed. "Good thing!? Oh i nearly died!" I said, exaggiratingly. " S-Sorry!? " he said, jumping.

"Wait, so you and nezuko aren't together?" I said. "No, duh? She always and forever will be a bread lover. "My bread is important" she says." He chuckled, holding my hand and squeezing it. "So its just a misunderstanding, huh?" I laughed to myself. "It is a misunderstanding." He approved.

"Now its a good thing your mine."

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