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They rested for a few hours before deciding they should carry on. (YN) felt infinitely better now that Tadashi knew everything. Now, if he knew and they both had accepted it, then it couldn't be used against her. He said he wasn't going to leave and she prayed to God that he meant it; she had a strong feeling he did.

There was so much compassion and hope in Tadashi that (YN) envied it. It was in such abundance that she barely comprehended it. She admired it greatly; she admired him. He was starting to think that she was starting to love him.

What (YN) was not aware of was how much Tadashi admired her. Tadashi found her to be strong and an efficient leader. He may have been book smart and a robotics genius, but he yearned for the street smarts she had that were so much more useful in this strange world they were currently trapped in. He respected her will to fight back, unlike the rest of the inhabitants of the strange in between. He couldn't wait for his friends to meet her; he could already picture how she would interact with them. He could picture her not taking any of Fred's shit but still shamelessly laughing at some of his jokes. He could picture her teasing Wasabi about how high-strung he always was. He could picture her having a girl's day out with Honey Lemon and a girl's day in with GoGo. He could picture Mochi curling up by her feet and watching horror movies comically with his Aunt Cass.

And he knew how much Hiro would love her. He knew Hiro would just be happy to finally have him be back and finally with a girl. Hiro had the street smarts she had that would make them click.

Tadashi was so hopeful that they would both make it out together. He needed to get back to his brother and aunt and friends, but he suspected a sort of difficulty if (YN) were to not be there. He had grown used to them holding each other for warmth and the way he felt when she smiled. He feared that their future outside of this realm would bring night terrors or post-traumatic stress, and who else but each other would know how to help? Surely Baymax would help, but if she wasn't with him then who would be there for her?

He wanted to be that person. He wanted to be there for her like she had been there for him from the moment he woke up. He was starting to think he was starting to love her.

A few miles out from their latest shanty, they saw what looked like a city before them. The lighthouse was close. The city was composed of nice multistory homes that had been run down due to their location.

Tadashi went to walk down the road that had the nice homes on either side, but (YN) held her arm out in front of him which stopped him.

"Something isn't right," she said. "I've never seen a house that wasn't a full on shanty. Come on." She grabbed his hand and lead him around to the back of the houses. "We're sneaking around this."

"Do you think we need to?" Tadashi asked.

"I'd rather us be safe than sorry," (YN) answered. Along the back of the houses were piles of trash that would not have been seen from the front of the house; the trash was of empty food containers and bottles of water.

"They're awful hungry in this district," Tadashi noted in a whisper. "That can't be good."

(YN) stopped at a house that had a small crack in the wall that left a bit of a gap. She took a can and a knife and cut out the closed side of the can before pressing it against the gap and listening.

"They say that Black Parade group is coming," a man said.

"Don't be silly. They couldn't have gotten past the children," a woman responded. "They must be starving by now if they did."

"I heard they haven't even showed signs of hunger or anything," the man said. "They're past the children."

"I don't see why everyone cares so much about them anyways. Are two people really a parade?"

"They can be if it gives people ideas. What if they're right and it works, whatever they're doing? Everyone who's gone to the lighthouse has gone alone. What if there's strength in numbers?"

"There won't be, don't be ridiculous! You're thinking of a lot of 'what if' questions and that's all they are."

"If those two got through... What would you do?" He asked her. "Wouldn't you want to go back? We could see our own children again. We could go back to our beach house. We could do whatever we wanted."

"We can do whatever we want here," the woman responded. "Stop caring about that silly Black Parade nonsense."

(YN) decided she had heard enough and discarded of the can. "We gotta get to that lighthouse. Word's spread that we're here. Some people are starting to get ideas and I guess that's why they're calling us The Black Parade, but others still seem so brainwashed."

"I wish Baymax were here right now," Tadashi said. "One scan and he'd be able to tell us what was going on."

"That would be helpful," (YN) agreed, "but I don't think this is a medical condition."

As they snuck behind some of the houses, (YN) caught glimpse of a figure on the other side of the houses with a gun. She was hiding behind one of them and had it ready to shoot. Tadashi went to move forward, but (YN) yanked him back.

"Take cover," (YN) whispered, "and stay here. We've got company."

(YN) reached for the sniper rifle that she had slung over her back and readied it. As she zoomed in on the target, she nearly gasped. Tadashi noticed her tensing up.

"What is it?" Tadashi asked.

(YN) saw the dark skinned woman with half of her head shaved in the scope. She could hardly believe it. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she got ready to fire.

"It's Janine."

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