You have a kid

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Lauren PoV
Mani- hey girl , Blake is going to bed and she wants to say night

Me - okay , put her on for me

Blake- hiya mommy

Me- hii princess, you all ready for bed

Blake - yes mommy

Me- good , are you being good for auntie mani?

Blake- yes of course mama

Me - night night baby

Blake- night mommy

She hung u, I turn round and look at women who are sitting infront on me.

Kylie- you have a kid

Me- ye

Kendall- how old?

Me- she is 4 almost five in a couple of months

Kim- wow

Me - listen I have to go on soon but if it okay with you guys I want a dna test and then we will see want will happen in the future and our relationship

Kris- I was going to say that too

Khole- we will see you on stage later on

They all leave my dressing room , leaving me in shock of what just happened, wow!

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