My dog might die

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My dog mighy die and if he does im going to die in the inside i love him so much i had him when when i was 3yearold i want him to live for 12 more years until he 20 in people years and he will be (20x20=400) about 400 in doggy years or less than 400 but hes in pain hes a outside dog but he is sleeping in side he never wAnts to come inside when my mom outs the door but je did today but if he dies he will be eith hes friend ,Pepe the german shepder, and i have a poem... "no one lives forever in the world only in heaven u will live forever the lord ,god, will love u the way u r u may not be Noah or Jeuse but u r u live long live life live with ur fullest dont be brought down the lord ,ur bestfriend, will love u even if u sin 🙏 to clean out your sin ur heart is black with sin and it will be white with gods word it might be the end but Dash u will live on forever if u die"... plz pray🙏 for my dog ,Dash, to live and not to let him die bye guys (sorry for sad chapter in crying u guy might find it sad but its so sad if u were me)

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