Who is this woman

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Kris PoV
We arrive at the strip club and thankfully the paparazzi wasn't here because the club was located in a back alley way . We walked in and the manager began to walk towards us. (Manager is m)

M- hello miss Khole is there a problem?

Khole- no , nothing like that , just wondering if the best strip umm Lauren is here , I would like to meet her

M- umm , yes , she is back stage getting ready , just down there and to the right.

Me- thanks very much

M- my pleasure

We began walking to the location , when I had all of these worried thoughts in my head. What if she hates me for what I did? I can't do this. She is going to hate me. Kylie and Kendall can read my mind like a book and placed their hand on my shoulder for comfort as kourtney knocked on the door.

We heard a "one sec Dave , I just putting my bra on" after ten seconds she says "come in now"

Lauren PoV

I hear the door open as I am looking in the mirror. I turn my head to ask Dave what's up but it is met by six women. I look in confusion as the older looking women has tears in her eyes.

Me- who are you guys ? Are you all new cos there is a lot of you?

No , we are your sisters and this is you mom.
I'm kourtney
I'm Kim
I'm Khole
I'm Kendall
I'm kylie
I'm k kris , yy your m mo mom

I stare in disbelief. Like who are these people and how the hell is she my mom.

Me- I don't know what type of drugs you guys are on but I don't have a mom. So I am sorry but I am not your daughter

Kourtney - mom are you sure it is her?

Kris- yes yes I am sure , I remember your and I remember those green emerald eyes

Me- I sure your confused with someone else , I -

I was cut of by my phone ringing , it was Normani .

Me- can give me one sec

They all nod as I answer.

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