Normal day

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Lauren PoV
Blake has just woken up from her nap as I am on the phone to Normani . I pick her up and cuddle her in my arms while I talk

Me- so your okay with watching Blake while do my shift

Mani- ye of course, love Blake , anyway what type of night is it?

Me - I think one of the karmash ish people are coming, I don't know

Mani - WAIT! do u mean the Kardashians ?

Me - I think so ?

Mani- omg , get pics for me please.

Me - yes of course

Mani - thanks , I will come over now so u can get there early

Me - thanks girl , just come in I am upstairs with Blake.

Ten minutes later
Normani comes upstairs and takes Blake out my hands . Blake giggles as mani does funny faces at her , I hug and kissed Blake goodbye and thanks Normani again before I leave.

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