Chapter Fourteen

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As I looked closer, I realized that she was the same teacher from my first day at school. The one with the furry ears, which I had mistaken for a moth and tried to pull off. The situation couldn't have been more awkward.

I glanced around seeing Eric, Alice and Ember all sitting oblivious. Apparently, having a furry as a teacher was no big deal, well - it can't have been more abnormal than having magical powers so...

'Morning class, I apologise for being late.' She cried sincerely.

A chorus of different voices throughout the class spoke out against her apology.

'You weren't late! We were all too early!'

‘Yeah! Don’t worry, we won’t tell!’

I could only guess that whoever this teacher was, she was very popular with the class.

The teacher gave the class a broad smile, ‘Thank you so much, I feel so much better!’

The room was full of whoops and cheers until she silenced them again.

‘Well, welcome to a new year or school. For those that are new to Ivy Rowe, I am Professor Reese. I will teach languages this year, and I strive to make it as fun as possible!’

 ‘Ok, let’s begin. First language we are learning this term is Draconic, the language of the Dragons of the North.  I’m sure you guys already know all this but, just for the sake of some newbies here, I’ll just quickly mention that Dragons use two different languages since the Winged Revolution in which the Dragons split into North and South. So, there are now to vastly different languages, Draconic and Pheonic. Okay, enough with the boring history, let’s move on to some learning.’

Could this be true? Did dragons exist? And how would the supposed Winged Revolution have happened? Surely, some non-magical people would have noticed something a big as dragons flying through the air burning each other to a crisp and generally wreaking havoc!

‘Okay, if someone could hand out the books…’

A brown-haired girl put her hand up and Professor Reese gave her a pleased smile, ‘Thank you Rachel, here are the exercise books.’

She stood up, collected the books from the professor’s hands and began handing them out.

As soon as she dropped one on my desk, I moved to shuffle it closer to myself, before stopping.

‘Erm, Ember, I think there’s something wrong with my book…’

She frowned at it, ‘No, it’s fine!’

‘It’s only got one page!’ I hissed, gesturing at it.

She cracked a smile at me, before sliding hers next to mine. ‘All of ours do!’

That still didn’t change anything. ‘Well, what if I need another page?’ I asked, confused.

It’ll know!’ she claimed, before picking up her book and placing it in front of herself again.

I shook my head, staring at the book in puzzlement.

‘Ok, speak your name to the book and we’ll begin!’ she said.

I watched as several people bent their heads to their books and said their names. Well, it couldn’t help to try that…

I mimicked their actions hesitantly, ‘Evelyn Tailor.’

Evelyn Tailor, prefers to be called Eve, lesson; Languages, current lesson syllabus, Draconic.


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