No More of Everything

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No more sleeping in the car.

No more kisses after midnight.

No more sleeping in her arms.

No more roses by her door.

No more pictures on Facebook, together.

No more kisses in the dark.

No more dozens of missed texts.

No more of her raspy (OK sexy) voice on the other end of the line.

No more lines in the sand and don't step over it, or else (or else what?).

No more reasons for cheers.

No more kissing in the park.

No more take a sip of this or that wine.

No more stealing kisses under her nose.

No more folding clothes and catching her bra, holding it close to my heart as I laugh.

No more kissing in the barn.

No more sex on the kitchen table.

No more forehead kisses when sick.

No more trippin' about what time I come home.

No more kissing in the shower.

No more single life.

Because we got married today.

Because we got married today

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