Chapter 1- Premonition Or Nightmare?

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Empty eyes held my gaze, not just any normal eyes, but one emerald

green and one ocean blue. A tear glistened in the moonlight as it slid

down her cheek and mixed with the blood dripping out of her mouth, her

beautiful mouth with those oh so kissable lips, stained crimson from

the blood that was now forming a puddle underneath us. My heart

wretched as I buried my face in her ebony hair. I felt moisture begin

to form in my eyes and it gracefully slid down my cheek and off my

face until it met the carved stone below and with a light splash,

disappeared showing no sign it ever existed. A raindrop, only one,

lightly pecks my cheek and slides down to the engraved earth. I tilt 

my head to look at the blood red moon, giving the endless dark sky a 

tint of red, it's mocking me, reflecting the blood I have spilled, 

torturing me until I can no longer withstand it, so I once again turn 

my gaze to the girls face. She appears

about the same age as me, 16 or 17, not yet an adult but no longer a

child, at the midway point forever, she was so young, why did she have

to die? Why not me? "WHY" I scream at the vast nothingness, breaking

the fragile silence. One last time I turn my attention to the lady in

my arms, but I can't seem to focus on her! The darkness begins to

swirl around me as I gain consciousness. My eyes flutter open; I

shudder as I greedily gulp down the endless supply of air. I observe

my surroundings as I regain my wits, there around me are the same four

walls I have had since childhood. "It was just a dream" I whisper

trying and not succeeding in erasing the image of the girl and the vast

valley, it was as vivid as it was when seeing it the first time. I

risk a quick glance down my body, checking for injuries and I noticed

my knuckles have gone white from gripping the sheets with such a

ferocity. Kicking off my big blanket I lept onto the frozen hard wood 

floor, the cold sent a shiver through my body until It reached my core 

and left me helpless and guilt stricken like the sight of that 

gorgeous maiden, she was so endowing even though she had lay in my 

arms lifeless. I inhaled a breath before I moved in the direction of

the bathroom. When I reach the door I gently push it open without a 

sound, as I enter I glance at my docking station 5:45 am it read, a 

little earlier than usual but it does give me more time to get ready 

for my last day at Ramsay High School. I start the water in the

shower, slipping out of my boxers I step into the warm encounter with

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